A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4742

“Chu Tianfan has been king and defeated since ancient times.”

“As long as the goal can be achieved, who cares what means are used?”

“Don’t worry, after you die, I will build a grave for you.”

“After all, even your ancestor Chu Yunyang only defeated me once.”

“And you actually beat me twice.”

“For this reason, you are also qualified, let me set up a grave for you!”

The strange demon smiled wantonly.

Because all of this is already under his control.

As for Ye Fan, no matter how strong the previous strength was.

At this time, it can only be the fish on his chopping board, let it be slaughtered.

“Okay, I won’t waste time with you.”

“After killing you, I have to use this woman to help me open the gate of heaven.”

“When the gate of heaven opens, I will gain more power.”

“At that time, this Demon Venerable will be reborn.”

“You mortal ants, prepare to crawl and tremble under my might.”

The strange demon smiled triumphantly.

Then, without wasting any time, he immediately ordered Luna to act.

Just like that, Ye Fan watched helplessly as his Yue’er raised his long sword and pointed it at Ye Fan.

However, when Luna pointed at Ye Fan, she seemed to have regained consciousness.

However, the order given to her by the strange demon through the soul seal is almost irreversible.

But even so, Luna still looked at Ye Fan coldly, “I told you to retreat earlier, why didn’t you retreat?”

“If you listen to me and quit Kunlun, you won’t die here.”

Moon God’s words were icy cold, and no one could hear the slightest emotion in them.

It’s icy, as if contained in thousands of years of ice.

Ye Fan shook his head at her, “Yuexin, you know, after all these years, how have I ever quit?”

“You do it.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t blame you.”

“Because, I know, this is not your intention.”

Ye Fan smiled miserably.

He could tell that although the Moon God had been controlled by strange demons.

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