A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4743

However, in her subconscious, she obviously still misses herself.

Otherwise, she would not have repeatedly persuaded herself to quit Kunlun Mountain.

It’s just that this idea is weak, and it’s not enough to resist the order of the strange demon.

However, after Cai’s soul was controlled, he still remembered himself.

Yue’er has this kind of affection for him, and Ye Fan is already content.

“Sorry, I didn’t want to kill you.”

“But the master’s order is hard for me to disobey.”

“If you want to survive, then beat me.”

Luna looked at Ye Fan, with neither happiness nor sadness on that cold face.

Then, under the watchful eyes of everyone, Moon God raised his long sword and stabbed fiercely in Ye Fan’s direction.

Although Ye Fan is now at the end of his battle.

However, a lean camel is bigger than a horse.

Therefore, Luna did not show any mercy in his attack this time.

The fierce sword tactics amazed Tianhe.

The icy long sword slashed at Chang Xiao angrily.

“Can you still stop it?”

When Luna made a move, many people’s hearts tightened.

Everyone is hoping that Ye Fan’s remaining strength can still fight against the Moon God.

After all, Luna is no better than the previous Chu Qitian.

She was injured by Ye Fan, and her strength is not as good as the previous strange demon.

Plus the consumption of climbing the fairy road.

Ye Fan might be able to defeat Moon God if he tried harder.

However, just when everyone thought Ye Fan would put all his eggs in one basket and make the final struggle.

The Moon God’s sword pierced through Ye Fan’s defense without any hindrance.

It pierced into Ye Fan’s chest.


The long sword enters the body, and the blood donates for a long time.

The bright red sword edge protruded from Ye Fan’s back.

The gurgling blood flowed from Ye Fan’s mouth like a stream.

“Ye Fan!!


“Dragon Lord!”

At the moment Ye Fan’s chest was pierced, at this moment, countless people in the whole world were crying with sadness.

Ye Qingtian’s eyes turned red immediately.

Even the Moon God himself, on the original face that was as cold as ice, did not appear to be astonished and apprehensive.

“you you”

“Why don’t you hide?”

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Lol. Just like when tang yun stayed him before..and he died
Then he stand himself…and he died
Now moon God stab the same spot lolol. Does he even have a heart there?

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