A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 4744

Moon God’s tender body trembled, and even her flamboyant hand could no longer hold the long sword in her hand.

She wanted to kill Ye Fan.

This is not the way to kill.

It should be after Ye Fan fought fiercely with her, Ye Fan was defeated by his own sword.

If so, Luna should feel better.

But now, Ye Fan just stood there without any resistance, and was even pierced by his long sword with a bit of relief.

Looking at the familiar figure in front of him, looking at the man with weeping blood at the corner of his mouth and with a weak breath. m.✵li✮ns✯h✷uge✳.com

She didn’t know why, this sword was clearly piercing Ye Fan’s body, but her heart was stabbed like a knife.


Why do you feel this way?

Why does this body of hers have such a big and big sadness.

At this time, the Moon God actually felt a pain like tearing his soul and body apart.

In her consciousness, the voice that killed Ye Fan couldn’t help shouting.

However, her body was unbearably sad.

Tears poured down like a torrent that burst a bank.

The pain and sorrow of the body seem to have lost control of the soul.

And when the Moon God was panicking.

Ye Fan raised his head.

The Dragon God Hall Master, who was so glorious and proud in the past, is now pale, like a blank sheet of paper.

When a person is weak, he no longer has any majesty and dominance in the past.

Some only have that kind of simple truth.

Yes, the one standing in front of Luna is just an ordinary person in his twenties.

There is no halo of the Dragon God Temple Master, nor the glory of the title of unparalleled.

Just an ordinary person like everyone else.

In his twenties, he should have just graduated from college and is still changing jobs.

Still facing the pain of buying a house and urging marriage.

Still working the nine-to-nine shift.

However, he didn’t do all these things that he should do at his age.

On the contrary, he stood at the forefront of human beings and fought against the disaster that could destroy the world with his own strength.

Blood gurgled along the edge of the sword on his chest.

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