A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 476

“Just a stone?”
“Zhang Boren, let me tell you, what a big deal you have done!”
“Do you know, what stone is that?”
“That’s imperial green, glass is imperial green!”
“The value can reach two hundred million~”
“Two hundred million things, you stupid give to others so casually?”
“Are you waiting to pay you!”
“Damn, how did the Shanshui Guild Hall accept such a fool as you?”
Shen Fei was almost furious, and cursed frantically at Zhang Boren.
But the matter is now, no matter how you scold him, it is useless, and you can only find a way to recover.
In the end, Qiu Mucheng decided to go to Qiu’s house to find them. First URL m.
“Ye Fan, I’m sorry. It’s all because of my relatives, so…”
Qiu Mucheng was full of guilt. She only thought her uncle and aunt were snobbish before, but she didn’t expect that they could do such a despicable thing for money.
Now that her relatives pretended to take what Ye Fan had opened, Qiu Mucheng of course felt guilty and felt sorry for Ye Fan.
Ye Fan smiled and comforted: “Mucheng, it’s okay. They want it, give it to them, they are all your uncle’s relatives, not outsiders.”
“No. Ye Fan, I’m going to Qiu’s house now. I have to ask them how they can be so excessive! Don’t worry, I will definitely get the rough stone back for you.” Qiu Mucheng brows flushed with anger, and I have to ask them. Susie drove her to the old house of Qiu’s family, and settled accounts with those relatives.
“Sister-in-law, I’ll go with you.”
Shen Fei was also very active. He wanted to go with Qiu Mucheng, and before leaving, he kicked Zhang Boren with anger: “You rubbish thing, you’d better pray that we can get it back, otherwise, you will not stop. You can’t afford to lose your fortune, and we will send you to prison!”
Shen Fei and others all left. At this time, only Zhang Boren was left lying on the ground with a pale face, and his heart was filled with endless fear and misery.
He didn’t think that he thought it was just an ordinary stone, but in the end it was worth 75aa5fab two hundred million.
I thought it was a trivial matter for personal love, but in the end it caused a terrible disaster!
Zhang Boren was frightened, but his trembling hand dialed Qiu Guang’s phone.
“Boren, it’s you, something happened to me, drinking…”
However, before Qiu Guang finished speaking, Zhang Boren’s angry cursing came from the other end of the phone: “Bad son, bastard, Qiu Guang, you actually harmed me~”
“I’m so blind, I believe you!”
“Wait, if my Zhang Boren loses money because of this, I will be a ghost and will not spare you~”
“You bastard, brute~”
The whole hall on the first floor reverberated with Zhang Boren’s sad howling.
On the other end of the phone, Qiu Guang paled with fright and trembling all over, then hung up the phone.
Outside the Shanshui Hall, Qiu Mucheng had gotten into Susie’s car and rushed to the old house of the Qiu family.
Shen Fei originally wanted to follow along, but when he thought, this was Mr. Chu’s family affair, so he shouldn’t mix it up. After all, Qiu’s family is Ye Fan’s wife’s maiden family, even if he goes, he dare not mess with it.
No matter how close he is to Ye Fan, he is definitely not closer than his relatives.
However, having lost hundreds of millions of things, Ye Fan on the side looked like a okay person, calm and calm.
“Brother Fan, someone pretended to take something, why are you so calm and not in a hurry?” Shen Fei asked anxiously.
Ye Fan slumped his hands: “What can I do if I am anxious?”
“Could I still beat up my wife’s maiden family in the past?”
When Shen Fei heard it, she felt reasonable: “Hey, the most difficult thing to do in this world is that of relatives.”
“If you are someone else, the big deal is that you will not communicate with each other. But between relatives, the broken bones are still connected, and the blood relationship is not so easy to give up.”
Shen Fei sighed, sighing from the side, almost despair in his heart, it is estimated that the emperor green is going to come.
But Ye Fan smiled faintly: “Looking at your stunned look, isn’t it just a stone?”
“Besides, do you believe it? There are some things in this world that should be yours, even yours, you can’t grab it.”
“It’s not yours, it’s not yours, I can’t ask for it~”
Ye Fan’s voice, as long as the breeze had passed, the heaven and the earth slowly sounded here.
Shen Fei nodded, as if he understood, and as if he didn’t understand.

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