A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 477

After leaving the Shanshui Hall, Ye Fan did not go home immediately, but answered a phone call.
“Old Han, I asked you to check it. What happened?”
“Little lord, I found it. The rough jade stone was indeed taken by the Qiu family, but it was robbed by a group of people halfway.”
Ye Fan nodded: “Well, send me the addresses of those people in a while. I want to see, who is so bold and dare to miss my things?”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, but in the laughter, it was full of forests.
The Qiu family is the wife’s maiden family, Ye Fan is not easy to mess with. But what others said, Ye Fan naturally had no scruples. Yunzhou, Shinan District, Dunhuang KTV.
Several vans parked here secretly, and then a group of people took their things upstairs.
In a private room upstairs, Meng He was smoking a cigarette while playing cards with his friends, with a hot and sexy woman in his arms.
This Dunhuang KTV was opened by Meng He. During the day, Meng He was the manager of Diyang Jewelry Store, and at night, he was the chief executive of this KTV. He would basically gather here for some dirty things on weekdays.
After all, those who are engaged in the rough business, usually grab raw materials and transport rough stones in Myanmar, and they have to raise some thugs to work for themselves.
At this time, Meng He was very interested, talking and laughing, and seemed extremely happy. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Brother Meng, what’s going on today? So happy, is this rich again?” the people who played cards together asked curiously.
Meng He laughed and said, “It’s nothing, just made a small fortune.”
While talking, Meng He’s cell phone vibrated, and it was a WeChat message: “Brother Meng, you’ve got it, you’re already downstairs.”
Meng He saw that he smiled even more. After replying a message, he smiled and said: “I’m sorry, I have something to do, so let’s stop here today. If you are still interested, go downstairs. Play, spend tonight, I will pay for it.”
“Haha, Brother Meng is generous!”
Soon, everyone in front of him left, and only Meng He and the enchanting woman in his arms were left in the room.
“You should also go out first, and come with me when you sleep at night.” Meng He slapped the woman’s ass, but also let the woman leave.
Soon, a few strong men arrived in the room and saw Meng He respectfully greeted him.
“Stop talking nonsense, what about things?” Meng He said anxiously.
The scared man smiled: “Brother Meng, don’t worry, isn’t bdfad18c here?”
While talking, Scar Man put the rough stone wrapped in clothes on the table. After the clothes were taken down, the bright and dazzling emperor green jade illuminates the entire room.
Looking at the rough stone worth hundreds of millions in front of him, Meng He’s heart jumped out of excitement, as if touching the skin of a beauty, greedily touching the rough stone in front of him.
“Is this imperial green?”
“I, Meng He, spent decades in the original stone world. This is the first time today that I personally touched this emperor-like jade.
Meng He smiled, his brows were filled with greed and excitement, and his palms were shaking.
“Speaking of which, I have to thank that country boy. If it weren’t for him, I’m afraid I won’t get this emperor green jade in my life?”
“Yeah, Brother Meng. After a while, the hillbilly will know that the original stone is gone. I’m afraid I will cry to death?”
“Hahaha~” The Scar Man smiled wantonly.
Meng He hummed a smile: “That can only be because he takes the blame and cannot rely on others.”
“I bought him before and didn’t sell it, no wonder Meng He was cruel.”
“If you want to take advantage of our Diyang Jewelry Store, it is our great kindness to not kill him.”
In the room, Meng Heyin smiled coldly.
“Oh, really?”
“It seems that I have to thank Manager Meng for not killing.”

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