A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 484

“Mom, don’t scold me. If it’s not about Ye Fan, I’m not good, it’s me just now…”
Qiu Mucheng blushed for a while, like a kid who did something wrong, her head down, her clothes disheveled.
“Mucheng, did you even speak for him? I have known for a long time that if you don’t divorce him for a day, something will happen sooner or later.”
“Fortunately, we heard the news and came in time, otherwise, your name would be lost, do you know?”
“No, Mucheng, you can’t wait any longer. Early tomorrow morning, the Civil Affairs Bureau will divorce.”
“This kind of uselessness, if you don’t dare to leave the house for a day, our family won’t be able to live in peace for a day.” Han Li has been determined to divorce Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan. And if she goes tomorrow, she can’t wait for a day.
Long nights and many dreams!
What they discovered tonight didn’t make a big mistake in time, but what about?
Han Li has to worry, if her daughter is really pregnant with that wimpy child and is tainted by that wimpy, which rich second generation will be willing to take over in the future?
“Mom, I said, Ye Fan is not to blame for this matter, so why can’t I tell you anything?”
“Okay, you can go out, I’m going to sleep.” Remember to read a book for one second
Qiu Mucheng knew that she couldn’t explain to Han Li and the others, so she didn’t bother to talk about it, and she pushed them out and said she was going to bed.
“Mucheng, lock the door, have you heard~”
There was a harsh voice from Han Li outside, but Qiu Mucheng felt helpless in the bedroom.
She looked in the mirror, looked at herself with disheveled clothes, and remembered Ye Fan who had just burned up like a fire. For some reason, Qiu Mucheng finally laughed out loud, “This bastard is really rude, shirt I pulled off several of his buttons, and it seems that I won’t be able to wear them anymore~”
Isn’t it? Qiu Mucheng’s white shirt is almost torn apart now, the ends of her hair are messy, and a seductive whiteness is exposed under her neck.
Qiu Mucheng sighed, then took off her makeup and changed her pajamas to go to bed.
Although Ye Fan tore a piece of clothing tonight, at least, let Qiu Mucheng verify one thing.
However, because of her willfulness, Ye Fan was scolded by her parents again, and Qiu Mucheng always felt a little guilty.
But Ye Fan didn’t take it to heart. After all, whether there was anything tonight, Han Li and his wife would not give him any good expressions. They simply broke the jar, let them scold.
However, recalling the scene just now, Ye Fan also shook his head and smiled, thinking about his wife, it was quite interesting. At least that charming and coquettish voice made Ye Fan have endless aftertastes.
“It’s just a pity, the beautiful scenery tonight is a good moon, but I’m going to sleep alone again~” Ye Fan sighed and fell asleep.
However, who could have imagined that just before dawn the next day, a rapid knock on the door outside awakened Qiu Mucheng’s family.
“Who? Knock on the door so early in the morning?”
Han Li and others complained for a while, but as soon as they opened the door, four or five uniformed policemen broke in.
“Hello, Ye Fan is at home, right?”
“Huh? You…what are you looking for him for?” Qiu Mucheng and others asked with pale expressions.
However, ignoring Qiu Mucheng’s question, the policewoman asked again: “Which is Ye Fan?”
“I am. Who are you?” Ye Fan walked out of the kitchen and just made breakfast.
Seeing Ye Fan, the policewoman in front of her immediately walked up and showed her certificate: “Hello, this is Ren Han, deputy captain of the Criminal Police Brigade of the Yunzhou Public Security Bureau. You are suspected of a criminal case. Please come with us and cooperate. survey.”
Without waiting for Ye Fan to answer, Ren Han immediately waved his hand: “Handcuffed, take it away!”

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