A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 489

Soon, Li Er found out who had taken Ye Fan away.
“A district brigade dare to catch Mr. Chu?”
“Who gave her the courage!”
In the room, Li Er’s face was green and roared angrily.
After that, Li Er ordered his subordinates to prepare a car immediately and head to the Public Security Bureau in Dongcheng District, Yunzhou City. At the same time, he called and contacted Wang Donglai of the Municipal Bureau!
Senior officials crushed people to death.
This matter involved the government. Of course, Li Er would not come hard, and could only use personal connections.
At this time, in the interrogation room, Ren Han and others still arraigned Ye Fan again.
“Go ahead, what’s your motivation?”
“Also, the surveillance video shows that you went in with your hands empty, but when you came out you brought a package. What’s in it?”
“When did you meet Dunhuang KTV boss Meng He?” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Are there any grudges?”
In front of him, a male police officer asked Ye Fan various questions. And Ren Han always sat and watched. She was looking at Ye Fan’s expression, looking at Ye Fan’s demeanor, delusional to find out the truth from Ye Fan’s micro expression.
However, she was disappointed.
From beginning to end, the man in front of him was so calm.
From his pupils, Ren Han did not see any panic, let alone any panic or fearlessness.
Ye Fan was calm, but a little too much.
That feeling was like sitting in front of them at this moment, not a little bastard who wandered around the rivers and lakes at all, but an unfathomable pool of water.
But the more Ye Fan did this, the deeper Ren Han’s doubts about him.
This man named Ye Fan is absolutely abnormal!
Otherwise, how could an ordinary person in their early twenties be so peaceful if they were tortured like this?
It was another three-hour questioning. During this time, they didn’t let Ye Fan eat a sip of water, or even let him sleep all day and night.
But even so, there was no logical contradiction between what the man said, and they couldn’t catch any loopholes.
As a result, it has been two days since Ye Fan was detained. This guy has been in circles with them, and it can be said that he has not given any useful information at all.
Ren Han was finally angry. She had been silent for a long time, her slender white jade hand suddenly slapped the table, and with a thud, the colleagues next to her trembled.
“What happened to you in the room that day, you haven’t explained it honestly yet, have you?”
“Well, if you want to consume, we will accompany you to consume it!”
“In short, if you don’t explain it honestly, you can’t get out of this iron gate.”
Ren Han’s angry voice echoed throughout the interrogation room, and the violent aura made the faces of the policeman next to him pale.
Although this Ren Han is a woman, his aura and courage are worthy of the name as the deputy captain of the entire criminal police brigade.
“Oh, really?”
“Beauty Sister, I just said, this iron gate can’t close me.”
“Maybe, someone will come to pick me up in a while.” Ye Fan’s mouth with a faint smile, in a teasing tone, undoubtedly made Ren Han even more angry.
“Do your spring and autumn dreams!”
“I have blocked the news about your arrest. Even the director of our Dongcheng District doesn’t know. Who else do you expect to get you?”
“What’s more, how much background can you have as a bastard?”
“I’m still here, I’m not frightened, Ren Han, I don’t want to eat your way.”
“I’m telling you the truth. I have been with the police for many years. No matter whether he is a rich or young or powerful child, as long as he commits a crime or breaks the law, no matter his background, no one has been fished out from my hands. Precedent!”
“You are no exception!”

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