A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 490

“So, if this is what you rely on, I advise you to die early.”
“I will come to interrogate you in the evening. You’d better consider it carefully at that time!”
Ren Han’s words were endless, and he was angry at Ye Fan.
After speaking, he ordered his colleagues: “Xiaojian, Zijiang, take him back. Give him a shower with cold water to let him wake up. In addition, he is not allowed to sleep and the toilet is not allowed!”
Ren Han gave an order, and two of her team members stepped forward to take Ye Fan away.
At this moment, there was a rush of steps outside, and only a middle-aged man in a police uniform walked in.
“What are you doing?” the man asked in a deep voice.
Seeing this person, Ren Han and others were shocked and quickly said: “Wei Ju, why are you here?”
However, the middle-aged man ignored them at all, pushed them away, and then walked towards Ye Fan: “You are Mr. Li Er’s friend, Ye Fan?”
Seeing this, Ye Fan nodded with a smile. Remember to read in one second
It seems that Li Er’s assist is here.
“Mr. Ye Fan, I’m sorry, sorry. I taught the subordinates no way, don’t mind, I will let them let you go.”
The middle-aged man smiled, and then glared at Ren Han and others: “I didn’t even hide the arrest, your wings are really hard!”
“What are you doing so dumbfounded, why don’t you let me go?”
“This…this~” The several police officers in front of them suddenly showed embarrassment and secretly looked at Ren Han on the side.
The middle-aged man stared again: “Why, you don’t even listen to what I said. Could it be that you are going against the sky?”
Under the anger, the few police officers dared not slacken their efforts, and hurriedly went over to unlock Ye Fan’s handcuffs.
Ye Fan looked at Ren Han at this time and smiled faintly: “Captain Ren, how about it? What I said is not bad, right?”
However, who could have thought that as soon as Ye Fan finished speaking, Ren Han, who had been silent, finally spoke.
With her cold eyes, she had seen Ye Fan, Wei Ju, and everyone in front of her. Her cold and low voice immediately sounded: “Suspect Ye Fan, suspected of deliberately injuring and causing serious injury, suspected of violent assault on the police, It is illegal to release the suspect without authorization!”
“Whoever breaks the law, who I will do!”
“The people break the law, I will be the people.”
“The police break the law, I’ll be the police!”
“The director is illegal, I will be the director!”
“Before the law, all are equal~”
Ren Han’s words echoed here for a long time.
Everyone was shocked by Ren Han’s powerful aura.
Even Wei Ju, whose old face was three points pale at the time, reached out and tremblingly pointed at Ren Han: “You~you~”
“Well, you Ren Han, you are a district deputy captain, you are really powerful!”
“Okay, who made you a good father, why should I be afraid of you?”
“But today I will put the words here. You caught this person and you detained him. If something happens in the future, you will have the consciousness to bear the responsibility and pay the price.”
Angrily, Wei Ju gave a cold snort, grinned, and walked away angrily.
No way, although he has greater authority than Ren Han. But Ren Han’s family background is very strong, especially her father, but from the province.
Of course he can’t afford to have such a background!

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