A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 496

When Li Guang was arrested, his bait brother 09867fdb, Meng He, was still playing with women in KTV while waiting for good news from his brother.
In Meng He’s opinion, Ye Fan is no better than the government.
Relying on his brother’s position to subdue a hillbilly is not a matter of grasping.
Just when Meng He was planning how to take the woman to Thailand for a happy life after snatching the rough emerald stone, the door was broken with a bang.
A dozen armed police rushed in. At that time, Meng He was frightened, and immediately activated the fire-fighting system in the room. When the room was filled with mist and mess, Meng He had no time to wear his pants and bare feet. Turned out from the window.
However, after turning out the window, Meng He found out that his Dunhuang KTV had been surrounded by police.
Meng He, there is no way to escape!
Half an hour later, Meng He was also arrested and brought to justice.
Knowing that the Dongchuang incident occurred, Meng He and Li Guang, under the interrogation, quickly explained all the collusion, the frame of Ye Fan, and the looting of treasures.
The truth is completely revealed, and Wang Donglai, Wu Mintao and other leaders of Yunzhou who learned of this are undoubtedly furious.
Not only did he immediately remove Li Guang, but he also smashed all illegal gangs under Meng He. The Emperor Jewelry Store was directly sealed up, and all properties were frozen. Remember to read in one second
Because of this incident, Wu Mintao also contacted the public security department to launch a special rectification activity in the city.
It is estimated that Meng He and Li Guang never dreamed that they thought it was just a matter of blocking the road as usual, and finally set off such a storm in Yunzhou.
Meng He’s decades of accumulation undoubtedly overturned instantly.
“Captain Ren Han, now, you should always know who represents justice? Who represents evil?”
Ye Fan stayed here until the matter was clarified before leaving.
Before leaving, Ye Fan smiled at the corner of his mouth and smiled lightly at Ren Han.
That kind of smile is so refreshing.
Under Ye Fan’s words, Ren Han lowered his head, his pretty face was flushed with shame.
Ren Han also knew he had wronged Ye Fan, and felt guilty. He had no face to meet people, let alone say a word to Ye Fan.
Seeing Ren Han’s facelessness, Ye Fan didn’t tease him anymore, turned around and followed the crowd, and left.
On the way back, Ye Fan said to Wu Mintao: “Wu City, this matter is a misunderstanding, and the people who should be dealt with it have also dealt with it, so let’s forget it. The captain, Wei Ju and others, hope Wu Shi Don’t pursue too much.”
“How can this work?”
“Because of that Ren Han’s wayward behavior, let Mr. Chu suffer such a big humiliation, how can she easily forgive her?” Wu Shi said harshly, indicating that Ren Han and others must be severely punished.
But in the end, under Ye Fan’s persuasion, Wu Shi still agreed to Ye Fan’s request and stopped pursuing this matter.
Ye Fan’s generous mind was once again deeply admired by everyone.
After this happened, Chen Ao and others all returned to Jianghai, but Chen Nanfei wandered around Yunzhou with Ye Fan, and only returned to Jianghai at night.
On the way back, the leader of the provincial government, He Zhizhang, looked at Chen Ao, and said inexplicably, “President Shen is really well-connected, so there are people in the imperial capital?”
He Zhizhang obviously remembered Ren Han’s father’s words on the phone before.
If Ren Han’s father was scared to run away, everyone in the imperial capital would have this energy.
“Huh? He Ting, isn’t that your network?” Chen Ao was stunned.
He Zhizhang was also stunned: “No, I haven’t called anyone from the Imperial Capital.”
“That’s weird~”
Inside the car, the two of Chen Ao were caught in doubt.

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