A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 553

When she saw Ye Fan, Yang Qian was shocked.
The whole person nearly screamed out without a voice.
She certainly will not forget that in the restaurant on the eastern outskirts of Yunzhou City, Ye Fan was so angry that he not only kicked the manager of the restaurant, even the owner of the restaurant, Xu Bao, who dominated the Dongcheng district. , And finally let the second master of Yunzhou send someone to invite him.
Yang Qian still remembers that more than a dozen big men in suits and leather shoes bent over, bowed to Ye Fan, and called Ye Fan as Mr. Chu.
At that time, Ya Que in the restaurant was silent, and the vast scene quaked countless people.
A few days ago, Yang Qian passed by that restaurant and found that it had changed its name.
The previous Shengtian restaurant went bankrupt, and even Xu Bao, who had been dominating the party for a long time, was gone.
It is said that he was kicked down from a high position by Li Erye. Now it is not clear whether he is alive or dead.
Because he offended Ye Fan, one of Li Erye’s highly regarded generals fell directly, and it can be seen from this that Ye Fan’s monstrous energy is in front of him.
Even Li Erye was so flattering, Yang Qian at the time concluded that the hillbilly whom Susie had said was definitely a hidden expert!
Now, seeing Ye Fan and Su Qian walking through the exhibition together, Yang Qian felt a little stunned. Remember to read in one second
Could it be that Susie, who had also learned of Ye Fan’s identity, thought of embracing this thigh, so she secretly dug Qiu Mucheng’s corner, and now she has been with Ye Fan?
Thinking of this, Yang Qian felt regretful.
I regret how I didn’t expect it.
She only thought that Ye Fan was already married, and even if she wanted to surrender and become Ye Fan’s woman, she would have no chance.
But thinking about it now, I was really stupid at the time!
After getting married, can’t you still divorce?
Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng have no children.
If I had quickly launched a love offensive against Ye Fan at that time, with her charm and beauty, maybe she would be visiting Ye Fan’s art exhibition now, it was Yang Qian instead of Susie.
“It’s really a one-step mistake. You lose all the games. It’s cheaper for Susie.”
Yang Qian regretted for a while, feeling that she had missed an opportunity to reach the pinnacle of her life.
“Mr. Chu? What Mr. Chu?”
“Qianqian who are you calling?” Susie was confused when she heard Yang Qian’s words.
Yang Qian was stunned at the time: “Isn’t he your boyfriend, Mr. Chu?”
“Freeze said!”
“What boyfriend?”
“He’s not my boyfriend!”
“It’s just a poor boy in the country. How can I be worthy of Susie?”
“Furthermore, Yang Qian, I was in the restaurant last time, didn’t I tell you? This guy is Mucheng’s husband, that’s the son-in-law!”
“After eating soft food for three years, Mucheng suffered because he didn’t know how much.”
“This poor boy, he was born to be a poor life. Last time at the auction, it was said that he spent thousands of dollars to buy 200 million worth of treasure. As a result, he was robbed before it was warm. go with.”
“As a result, the baby was gone, and thousands of dollars were in vain.”
“So, wealth and poverty are not only related to one’s own ability, but also to one’s own fate. For example, we are born with wealth and fate.”
“It’s not like some people, who are born poor, but poor Mucheng is also dragged down.”
Susie’s words were full of sympathy and pity for her girlfriends, shaking her head and sighing.
When Yang Qian heard this, she was full of regret, but she was completely wiped out, and she lost her joy at that time.

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