A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 57

Yunzhou City.
Yunjing Hotel has long been decorated.
The brand-new red carpet has been extending 100 meters from the hall, almost all of it spread to the road ahead.
On both sides of the red carpet, there are ladies of etiquette wearing red cheongsam and delicate makeup. They have a dignified manner, holding their hands in front of their lower abdomen, and the smile on their lips is particularly pleasing to the eye.
More than that, on the trees on both sides of the road, there are more colorful banners hung high, with the words: Welcome Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu.
“It’s magnificent.”
“On the red carpet of several hundred meters, dozens of beautiful girls stand to greet you. My niece-in-law, yes.”
“Your uncle has never been treated like this for my whole life!”
“Yun Fei really has a lot of face. It took Mr. Shen so much to greet him.”
“Our Qiu family has been wiped out by you. In our lifetime, we can still be so beautiful once~” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At this time, everyone in the Qiu family hadn’t arrived yet, but they had already seen the luxurious scene of the Yunjing Hotel ahead. In a short time, all the Qiu family became excited, looking from a distance, admiring them.
“That is, don’t look at who Wen Fei is?”
“Big family, after the rich. This kind of treatment, my family Wenfei is not strange.” Hearing everyone praised his son-in-law, Wang Qiaoyu also felt that he was worthy of face, and one bite of my family Wenfei, my family Wenfei, the name is very kind.
And Qiu Muying is also ecstatic, proud of her heart.
Today, she Qiu Muying will also be the protagonist here.
Seeing the scene in front of him, Chu Wenfei was also very surprised.
Fucked in my heart, thinking that my father is so awesome? Shen Jiuyi was so flattered and put on such a big scene, just to welcome himself.
“The drunkard’s intention is not to drink, this Shen Jiuyi put up such a big place, it seems to be to curry favor with me, in fact, it should be to favor my father.”
“But my father’s work is successful, and my father will not belong to me in the future. It’s the same for everyone.”
Chu Wenfei was not stupid. He knew very well that with his current ability, it would never be possible for the Shen family to treat him like this, so the first thing he wanted to be was that the other party treated him so kindly in order to show him his father.
“This Shen Jiu billion is also intentional.”
Chu Wenfei was very proud, thinking that if he had a chance in the future, he would definitely have to give Shen Jiuyi a few words in front of his father.
However, if Chu Wenfei’s father Chu Yang knew Chu Wenfei’s thoughts, he would probably be scared to death.
Good words?
The Shen family has a wealth of money, it is too late for their Chu family to flatter, how can they be qualified to speak for Shen Jia.
“Today, Yunjing Hotel has guests coming, and the venue is cleared to welcome other guests.”
However, just as Chu Wenfei commanded the vehicle to drive towards the Yunjing Hotel, who would have thought that he would be stopped by the security as soon as he arrived at the door.
“Are you blind?”
“I haven’t seen the distinguished guests you invited come, so I really stopped them, silly pen, let me go!”
Wang Qiaoyu was immediately angry, and immediately cursed.
The security guard glanced at Wang Qiaoyu, and when he heard the other party’s rudeness, he was naturally not polite, and sneered: “A yellow-faced woman who dares to call herself a distinguished guest? She can put gold on her face.”
“Hurry up!”
“A moment when a big man comes, you get in the way, will you bear the consequences?”
The security guard said coldly, but still prevented them from entering.
“Wen Fei, what’s the matter, why don’t you go in?”
Chu Wenfei and the others were stopped in the car, and the cars behind them were undoubtedly also blocked there. Qiu Guang and others immediately got out of the car and asked suspiciously.
Chu Wenfei waved his hand: “Uncle, little things, my niece and son-in-law can do it.”
After speaking, Chu Wenfei walked over…

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