A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 575

Seeing that Zhou Sheng seemed to be still angry, and now he turned his head and left involuntarily, Han Dongmin hurriedly stopped.
After all, Master Liu could be so excited, it is estimated that Zhou Sheng’s rough stone is incredible.
If he could sell a piece of top-quality jade, he would have lost it before, and he would have recovered it this time, and he would be able to overfulfill the jade purchasing task assigned to him by the city.
Thinking of himself, Han Dongmin certainly wouldn’t let Zhou Sheng go.
“Yes, 1c66f3ca Zhou, why be angry?”
“It was a misunderstanding before. Besides, Han City never doubted your integrity from the beginning to the end, why are you angry with Han City?” At this time, Han Dongmin’s driver Meng Guang also spoke out.
Seeing everyone’s persuasion, Zhou Sheng, who had originally left, finally sat back again.
He looked at Liu Chuanzhi, snorted, and then looked at Han Dongmin on the side: “Han City, this is where you are, and I will give you face. Otherwise, if you are insulted like this in other places, I will definitely lift my leg. Just go.”
Han Dongmin hurriedly smiled and calmed down: “Haha, then I, Han Dongmin, for the Yunzhou government and the people of Yunzhou, thank Mr. Zhou for the face.”
“Just don’t know, what is Zhou’s total asking price for this rough stone?”
Zhou Sheng did not answer directly, but instead asked, “Hanshi, really want to buy this rough stone?”
“Of course! Is this city still joking with you?” Han Dongmin smiled.
Zhou Sheng replied: “Han City, this rough stone was purchased by our company at a high price from a Burmese merchant last month. It is a material from the old market of Pakang. The whole body is covered with pythons. There is a lingo called Shimang Jiulu. No matter what. Whether it is the place of origin or the appearance, this rough stone has been rated as the “Stone King” and the king of rough stones within our company!”
“Before the price, two hundred million!”
Two billion?
Hearing this price, Rao Dongmin’s expression changed slightly.
The funds in his hands now are only 200 million yuan left.
If you buy it, isn’t it just this stone that will spend all the budget given by the market?
However, Zhou Sheng’s next words shocked Han Dongmin’s face even more.
“But Hanshi, now this rough stone has been partially cracked, and it is obviously green. Although there is only one seam, the color that escapes from that is enough to conclude that it is at least glass jade. So, this kind of Under the circumstances, it is almost impossible to buy 200 million yuan. At the current price, at least another 50 million yuan!”
Zhou Sheng’s words are by no means sensational.
The price of the rough stone is undoubtedly different before it is green, and after it is green.
Just like now, the rough stone has become green, the risk of gambling on the stone is greatly reduced, and the natural price will also increase.
“However, if Han City really wants to buy it, I can still give it to you at the original price. However, you must settle the payment immediately within today.”
“Han City, you also know that two billion is not a small amount. Even if it is delayed for one or two days, I will have to lose tens of thousands of dollars every day for the interest. Therefore, we must settle it immediately today.”
“Of course, you can also follow the previous agreement and settle half of it first, and the remaining half will be settled within half a year. But for the price, you have to settle at 250 million. After all, I have to explain to the company, right? Yunzhou is my hometown, but if there are too many concessions, I will not be able to explain to the company. I hope Hanshi will understand!”
Zhou Sheng said in a deep voice.

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