A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 585

The cold wind was bitter and the sand was everywhere.
The broken stones that exploded were scattered around the world.
It’s like falling leaves, raining.
Like the water of the Yangtze River, rolling in!
In the midst of the rain falling and falling rocks, I saw Ye Fan standing peacefully. Deep and cold eyes, with endless majesty. That surging aura, only if Yuanhai swept the world!
Above the delicate faces, there is despise Zhou Sheng, Han Dongmin, and the domineering and proud of everyone present!
And in the horrified eyes. I saw Ye Fan standing with his hands behind.
His brows are full of prestige!
He sneered proudly!
Xinghuo Longyin heaven and earth change, nine roaring dragons chant my heaven and earth! ! !
“This…this…” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
At this moment, the whole hall was shocked.
Under Ye Fan’s majesty, everyone was dumbfounded.
Only if thunder strikes!
They stared in their eyes, full of panic, but they couldn’t speak a word for a long time.
I do not know how long it has been.
Ye Fan and the others have already left.
In the hall, only the people who lost their voices were left in shock, and the black gravel scattered all over the floor.
Dead still.
Deathly silence.
There was no sound in the whole living room.
When a needle fell, I could almost hear it.
After a long time, Fang 6f0beb52 sounded the air-conditioned voice.
Han Dongmin was stunned. Until now, he hasn’t recovered from the shock just now. He just stared blankly at the rubble on the floor, as if someone had slapped him on his face.
On the old face, it hurts so hot!
A few minutes ago, he was still questioning Ye Fan, questioning him for nonsense, questioning him for confusing right and wrong, but now, Ye Fan is using naked reality to slap everyone present in the face.
Driver Xiao Liu, assistant Meng Guang and others also watched the scene before them, with their mouths wide open, and they couldn’t help but gasp.
“Unexpectedly, really… really waste?”
The sneer and scolding made to Ye Fan just now disappeared. After the rough stone exploded, all the attacks on Ye Fan stopped abruptly.
Before that, who would have thought that what Ye Fan said was actually true?
Just as Ye Fan said before, maybe he doesn’t know how to bet on rocks, can’t distinguish between ice and water, can’t distinguish the emperor’s green and Zhengyang’s green, and he doesn’t know Paganchang and Houjiangchang.
But, so what?
Even if Ye Fan didn’t know anything about gambling on stones, he undoubtedly proved with facts that no matter how much Liu Chuanzhi said, it would be nonsense!
No matter how loud the sound is, the stone is still a waste stone!
Ye Fan has used practical actions to prove to everyone present what he can do.
The whole living room was still quiet.
No one spoke, and no one knew what to say, everyone looked at each other.
And when everyone was in shock and still hadn’t recovered from the shock just now, Zhou Sheng saw that the situation was not good, but quietly turned around and was ready to take the opportunity to slip away.
“Does Zhou always have to prepare to leave without saying goodbye?”
“Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”
As the saying goes, Zhou Sheng just turned around, before he had time to leave, Han Dongmin’s cold voice was heard.
“Han Shi, this is a misunderstanding, this is all a misunderstanding.”
“Raw stone is inherently risky. Before it is unlocked, no one knows what can come out of it?”
Zhou Sheng was still doing the last struggle, looking at Han Dongmin with a guilty conscience, smiling in fear.
However, Han Dongmin listened to his explanation and asked his subordinates to arrest Zhou Sheng and Liu Chuanzhi first.
Then, Han Dongmin asked the people below to investigate the situation of Zhou Sheng’s company.
Sure enough, after a while, someone from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau came over.

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