A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 59

“Wen Fei!”
“Asshole, you mean bastard, you dare to do something to my husband!”
Seeing Chu Wenfei being beaten, Qiu Muying’s eyes immediately turned red, and she cursed angrily at the person in front of her.
Wang Qiaoyu was also crazy, and when he ran over, he wanted to incite the security guard to avenge his son-in-law.
“What? Are you still in a fight?”
“You can think clearly, whose place is this place. Before you do it, do you think about it, so you can’t afford it?”
The security guards had seen too many of these pungent women. With a wave of their hands, a dozen or so security guards in the hotel who were responsible for maintaining stability all walked over, holding batons in their hands, but they showed bad looks.
Wang Qiaoyu was also a bully and fearful of hard work. Seeing so many people surrounded by the other party, his old face turned pale in fright. He died and he didn’t dare to yell again.
“Hurry up and drive away?”
“I’m blocking the way here, and the big man will arrive in a while, can you bear it?” The security guard’s sullen voice came from the front again.
Qiu Guang and the others turned pale, and then said: “Yingying, Wen Fei, heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses. Let’s get out of the car and leave here, and we will discuss it from the long-term.”
No matter how reluctant Qiu Muying and their hearts are, they can only do so now. As a result, the few cars that were originally going to drive into the Yunjing Hotel were all slumped out, without even entering the door.
“Wen Fei, what’s the matter, could it be that we got the time wrong?”
“We are not the people invited by Yunjing Hotel today?”
Chu Wenfei and the others did not go far, but stopped beside the hotel. At this time, Qiu Guang, the boss of the Qiu family, came over and asked Chu Wenfei suspiciously.
“Impossible, how could the time be wrong. Then everyone has seen the invitation, it’s today.”
“Besides, the banners are all pulled, welcome me and Yingying. There is absolutely no way to make a mistake.” Chu Wenfei also looked hard, not knowing what went wrong.
“Yes.” Everyone nodded their heads, but they were even more puzzled. Since 731fd815 had invited Wen Fei, why not let in.
At this moment, Wang Qiaoyu slapped his thigh: “I see, it must be Wen Fei who usually sees the dragon without seeing the end. These little people don’t know Wen Fei at all. They are pretending to be us. Wait a while, Mr. Shen and they will arrive, naturally. Will recognize my Wen Fei.”
“Well, what Qiaoyu said is very reasonable. If that’s the case, let’s wait here first.” Old man Qiu also nodded with deep approval. For a while, everyone in the family was walking in the car at this point. Down, squatting on the side of the road, like migrant workers who cannot find a job, waiting for Shen Jiuyi to arrive.
At this time, when the students were on summer vacation, the weather was very sultry. After a while, everyone in the Qiu family was sweating profusely. The old man Qiu was old and physically weak. The sun was even darker in front of him, and he almost fainted.
“What are you talking about.”
“It’s good to say that the boss treats guests to dinner. That’s good. It’s dried up as pig liver outside.”
“I knew it was the same as the third child. I won’t get involved in this mess. I’m getting tanned.” The wife of the fifth family had already complained, and Chu Wenfei’s family suddenly became old-faced, and obviously they couldn’t hold back their face.
“Okay, save you more words, less words.” The old Wu Qiuyuan glared at his daughter-in-law, and it was quiet again here, but everyone was obviously a little impatient, and there were already children clamoring to go home. .
“Wen Fei, would you like to call your dad to urge the Shen family. Why don’t you get old?” Qiu Shi couldn’t stand still, and walked over to persuade Chu Wenfei.
Chu Wenfei couldn’t help but nodded in answer.
“Someone has come out.”
“Is the one in the front suit wearing Shen Fei, Shen Jiuyi’s son?”
“My goodness, they have always been in the hotel.”
“Wen Fei, hurry up. Go over and tell Shen Fei that we are here, let him invite us in!”
Wang Qiaoyu was still sharp-eyed, and he saw Shen Fei walking in front of the crowd at a glance.
Afterwards, the Qiu family became nervous, and followed Chu Wen in a swarm.
“Master Shen, the driver is calling and Mr. Chu will be there soon.”
“Yeah, good. Come on, go to the back kitchen again and see how the dishes are prepared. The rest of the people will go with me and go to Ying Chu.”

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