A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 600

Now, after Xiao Liu learned that, of course he was angry. Without saying anything, he directly asked Wang Xingduo to lead people to get out.
Then, after the scolding was over, Xiao Liu and his assistant Meng Guang hurriedly looked around for Ye Fan’s location.
Until, when they saw Ye Fan’s figure, they immediately stepped forward to worship each other bitterly: “Master Ye, I’m sorry.”
“This Wang Xingduo’s behavior is his own personal behavior, and has nothing to do with anyone! And he was not instructed by anyone.”
“Please don’t blame Master Ye.”
“I will let them go.”
The driver Xiao Liu said in panic, and in his words, there was panic and awe.
He is really worried now, because of the stupid behavior of Wang Xingduo and others, Ye Fan angered Han Dongmin again.
After all, Han Dongmin was in charge of this business department. If Ye Fan really blamed it, they would come to apologize today and ask Ye Fan for forgiveness for their plan.
Under such considerations, Xiao Liu and Meng Guang were naturally very worried, and they spoke with Ye Fan in a respectful tone.
Seeing such a scene, Qiu Mucheng and others were taken aback. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Especially Han Li, Zhang Zhengfu and others were even more puzzled.
Could it be that these two people came to Ye Fan?
Master Huan Ye?
Ye Fan is a poor boy in the country, a poor son-in-law, a master of farts?
“You guys won’t admit the wrong person?”
“This guy is a poor dick from the country, is it worthy of being treated like this?” Han Li stared in surprise with her eyes widened in surprise.
However, as soon as Han Li’s words fell, the driver Xiao Liu slapped it.
With a snap, Han Li was stunned!
“You bastard, Master Ye, do you dare to insult?”
“With your words, we can arrest you and punish you for the crime of creating troubles!”
The driver Xiao Liu yelled coldly, but the bullying posture scared Han Li to cover her face and dare not say a word.
I’m afraid I really provoke some big people.
Then, the driver Xiao Liu glared at Wang Xingduo and the others, and shouted angrily: “A bunch of idiots? What are you still doing?”
“Don’t hurry up to apologize to Master Ye? Then get out of here!”
“If you don’t have eyes, who would you dare to investigate?”
Xiao Liu shouted angrily and scolded again and again.
For a while, those of Wang Xingduo’s men were really bluffed by the person in front of them.
But Wang Xingduo’s face also sank.
With a sullen face, he looked at Xiao Liu ahead and sneered: “Brother Liu, are you really such a powerful official?”
“However, you are a small driver who has neither real power nor real position. I gave you face before, so I just smoked and said good things to you. But if I don’t give you face, you have no real position. What is it?”
“How dare you yell at me here now, arrogantly tell me?”
“A broken car, do you deserve it too?”
Before Wang Xingduo respected him, it was for the sake of Han market.
But now that Xiao Liu was shameless, Wang Xingduo had no scruples at all, so he just tore his face.
It was just a driver who was driving. To be honest, Wang Xingduo really didn’t take him seriously.
However, Wang Xingduo’s words just fell.
Then, a cold voice quietly sounded from behind him.
“what about me?”
In the deep words, unparalleled anger and majesty were suppressed.
At the moment when these words fell, I saw a middle-aged man, surrounded by several people, like a king, stepping up the steps, and then appeared in everyone’s eyes.
Seeing this man, Wang Xingduo’s old face twitched, but if the thunder struck him, his brain made a crash, and he was dumbfounded. He stared at the person in front of him in disbelief, and trembled: “Han…Mayor Han?”

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