A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 601

Qiu Mucheng, Han Li and others were all shocked when they heard Wang Xingduo’s words, and their beautiful eyes went wide.
Could it be that the middle-aged man in front of him is the deputy mayor Han Dongmin who is in charge of major departments such as industry and commerce and security in Yunzhou?
What’s wrong today, Mayor Han is here?
Wang Xingduo was confused at the time.
At the moment when he saw Han Dongmin, he ran to meet him without saying a word.
“Han…Hanshi, you want to come. Say it early, I’m so prepared, don’t you?” Wang Xingduo smiled, flattering and welcoming, but he didn’t know if it was because of horror or panic. With vibrato.
However, Han Dongmin gave him a cold snort, and pushed Wang Xingduo aside, then stepped forward with full respect and apology, and bowed to Ye Fan, and immediately worshiped.
“It’s me, Han Dongmin, who has no eyes and knows no masters, and offended Master Ye. Master Ye, please forgive me!” Remember to read in one second
Han Dongmin’s words are only if the boulder falls into the sea, setting off a thousand layers of waves.
Immediately after Han Dongmin, Meng Guang, Shen Fei, and the accompanying leaders all bowed and bowed to Ye Fan.
The voices of respect and words of shame converged into a stream, but they trembled the entire hall!
“Please, Master Ye forgive me!”
“Please, Master Ye forgive me!”
“Please, Master Ye, forgive me~”
In the seven-foot hall, the city party committee leaders headed by Han Dongmin all bowed to Ye Fan in full view.
The low and solemn voice of apology, just like a torrent of waves, blasted into everyone’s ears.
“This this…”
Seeing the scene before him, Qiu Mucheng was stunned, Han Li was stunned, and Zhang Zhengfu was stunned.
In the entire Mufan property, dozens of people in the company were all stunned.
Even Wang Xingduo and others, with an old face, were instantly sluggish.
It was as if someone slapped someone on the face.
The whole person, dumbfounded, just like that, stuck in the wind and rain.
At this moment, the entire company building was silent.
The sound of a needle falling can almost be heard!
In the hall of Nuo University, only Han Dongmin and others, all dressed in suits, were full of respect. Bend down and worshiped Ye Fanzun.
Ahead, the cold wind was blowing along the wide open doors and windows.
Many people, including Zhang Zhengfu and Wang Xingduo, trembled unconsciously.
Almost all those present could hardly believe their eyes.
What’s wrong with this world?
The dignified lord of the city, now he is so respectful to a hillbilly and a poor son-in-law?
Not only did he come in person, but now he bowed down and apologized?
“Mu… Mucheng, then… is that Ye Fan?”
Han Li was already dumbfounded, her eyes staring, she couldn’t help gasping for air, and finally panicked, and asked Qiu Mucheng in a low voice.
“I… I don’t know either.” Qiu Mucheng was also a little uncertain.
Obviously, the scene before him was horrified.
So Qiu Mucheng and the others, even if they saw it with their own eyes, it was simply difficult to accept.
Even they are like this, let alone Wang Xingduo who came to avenge Ye Fan today.
Wang Xingduo’s old face was pale long ago, and he was disgusting!
Especially when he saw Han Dongmin kneeling and bowing to Ye Fan, the whole person was almost frightened.
Who did Wang Xingduo provoked?
Even the deputy mayor came to worship in person?

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