A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 604

The whole Mufan real estate company has a thriving atmosphere.
The dark clouds that had filled everyone’s minds before had undoubtedly disappeared.
If only if you pull away the clouds and mist, you can see the blue sky.
Even Qiu Mucheng herself, with her stunningly pretty face, was a rare 641f22ec smile at this time.
The stone that had been hanging in my heart for a long time finally fell to the ground.
Especially now, when she heard her colleagues praise her for finding a good husband, no one could know the sweetness and happiness in Qiu Mucheng’s heart at that time.
Hearing others boast about him, any woman, the happiest moment, is also true.
But sweetness is sweetness, Qiu Mucheng still has doubts in her heart that have not been cleared away.
What kind of friendship do Ye Fan and Han Dongmin have?
Why did Han Dongmin bring so many people to the Mufan Group to look for Ye Fan yesterday, and his attitude is so respectful?
Could it be that his husband really has an unknown and monstrous ability? Remember to read in one second
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng suddenly shook her head. No matter how much she thought, she was just guessing. It would be better to ask Ye Fan to go home tonight.
As for Ye Fan, after experiencing yesterday’s things, seeing this Han Dongmin apologize is considered sincere, so he no longer has general knowledge with him and forgive Han Dongmin for his offense in the villa before.
In addition, Ye Fan also helped Han Dongmin purchase some rough jade stones to help him out of his current predicament.
After shopping for a day, even if Ye Fan had long eyes, Han Dongmin did not produce the best jade like Zhengyang Green or Emperor Green.
After all, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice.
Even if Ye Fan has glaring eyes, but the quality of the rough stone is not good, it is naturally impossible for Ye Fan to create such a rare jade for Han Dongmin.
However, after this day, they still gained a lot.
Although there is no Zhengyang green, some jadeites with good water, such as glass seeds and ice seeds, are blooming.
In just one day, Han Dongmin not only recovered all previous losses, but also fulfilled the jade procurement targets issued by the city ahead of time.
In the evening, Han Dongmin hosted a banquet and invited Ye Fan to express his gratitude.
“Thanks to Master Ye this time.”
“If it weren’t for the help of Master Ye, don’t say this black hat on my head, I am afraid that my name in this life will be ruined.”
“In the future, Master Ye will be my benefactor to Han Dongmin, who will give me the grace of remaking.”
“No matter any time or anything, as long as Master Ye visits, I, Han Dongmin, will serve Master Ye as a guest!” Han Dongmin thanked again and again at the wine table.
After so long of fear, the knot was finally untied by Ye Fan today.
Of course Han Dongmin is excited. He who doesn’t drink alcohol on weekdays also drank three glasses of strong alcohol tonight, and his eye circles were slightly red.
To Ye Fan, Han Dongmin is really grateful.
“Han Shi, why bother to say thanks? You helped my wife, and I should pay you back. Ye Fan, I don’t like to owe people.”
“Hey, Master Ye, you can’t say that. Mrs. Zun operates legally and has qualified qualifications. Approval and issuance is something that is supposed to happen. I am not helping at all, but acting impartially. Master Ye is helping today. Real help. Such a favor, Han Dongmin will never forget.” Han Dongmin still thanked Ye Fan.
Ye Fan chuckled, but he didn’t argue with Han Dongmin any more. After a little bit of food, he got up and left.
“Before leaving, Han Shi, I have to remind you a few words.”
“It’s better to do less if you want to take shortcuts.”
“If a shortcut is taken, it is good. But if it doesn’t work, you may not be able to bear the consequences.”

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