A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 61

Before the Cloud View Hotel.
There were many luxury cars, and Shen Fei and others bowed to greet each other.
In the respectful greeting, Ye Fan stepped on the red carpet, Qiu Mucheng took her man’s arm, breeze breeze, three thousand green silks were chaotic like snow in the wind.
With the beauty in his arms, Ye Fan walked on the steps. At this time, Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng were just like the kings and queens of the world, audience Xing Pengyue, which attracted everyone’s attention. Every time the two of them took a step, several courtesy ladies on both sides bowed and bowed. For a while, the respectful voices of welcoming Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu resounded one after another in the world.
Everyone in the Qiu Family behind him was completely sluggish, and there was endless tremor and shock in his eyebrows.
They could hardly believe their eyes. The humble and contemptuous son-in-law Ye Fan was so beautiful at this moment. The majestic and noble aura, like a shining sun, shines brightly in the worship of Shen Fei and others, making people afraid to look directly.
And at this moment, Qiu Mucheng, who was bathing in glory with Ye Fan, mixed with light and dark in her delicate beautiful eyes, and her smile gave birth to flowers.
At this moment, walking with Ye Fan, feeling the countless pairs of trembling eyes beside him, for a moment, Qiu Mucheng seemed to have the whole world.
“Why… how could it be him?”
“How could it be them?”
“That Ye Fan, he is just a waste, a door-to-door son-in-law, how can he, let Mr. Shen treat it like this?” Remember to read the book for one second
The people in the Qiu family were completely stunned, and Qiu Muying stared at her, but the jealousy and hatred in her heart was full of fire, and her eyes were blood red.
Elder Qiu stayed in place even more, with an old face twitching fiercely: “Even… it was him?”
“Could it be that my Qiu family has always underestimated this son-in-law?”
“Could it be that he is the true dragon hidden by my Ye family?”
Because of the horror, the old man Qiu’s face flushed, and his heart almost missed a beat.
Within the Yunjing Hotel, it is even more brilliant.
At each corner stood a pair of exquisite maids. They were tall and tall, and their gorgeous cheongsams made them attractive.
It was the first time that Qiu Mucheng was treated like this. Along the way, Qiu Mucheng looked cautious. Qianqianyu held Ye Fan tightly and didn’t let go. Only now did Qiu Mucheng realize how happy it is to have a man worthy of relying on. Things.
But Ye Fan looked very calm, as if the luxurious scene before him had long been used to him. Ye Fan did not show any restraint or panic until he took a seat in the hall.
“Mr. Chu, my father is coming here and will be there soon.”
“If your husband doesn’t invite others, do you think you can serve food? You and your wife will eat some first.” In front of Ye Fan, Shen Fei was very cautious, respectful, and bent over when speaking. , In front of Ye Fan, Shen Fei humbled like a subordinate, where was the slightest arrogance and dullness before.
After all, the man in front of him has a monstrous background. Even Li Erye, the leader of Yunzhou City, treats him respectfully. After all, their Shen family is just a minion of Li Erye, even Erye they can’t afford to provoke them, let alone the man in front of him who makes Li Erye respectful?
“Yeah~” Ye Fan was about to nod.
But Qiu Mucheng looked around and whispered: “Ye Fan, my grandpa hasn’t arrived yet?”
Ye Fan smiled, “Didn’t you see it just now? When we came in, did your grandfather watch them all?”
“Ah?” Qiu Mucheng was shocked when she heard this, “Are you saying that Grandpa and they haven’t come in yet? Why are they slower than us?”
“What? Those who turned out to be the family members of the husband. My fault, my fault, I will come in.” When Shen Fei heard this, his face turned white, and his head was sweating profusely. Then he went out to meet him personally.
After all, that was Mr. Chu’s relative, and Shen Fei was naturally afraid that Ye Fan would be angry if he neglected it.
“My boy, what should I do?”
“Will Ye Fan really be a big man!”
“We treated him that way before, and he will definitely not bypass us now.” The wife of the fifth family is already a little panicked, and the other Qiu family are also pale and panic in their hearts.
“Huh, what a bullshit!”
“The person invited Wen Fei, and the two of them are just shining the light of my Wen Fei and Yingying.” Wang Qiaoyu scolded unwillingly.
“I think it must be that Mr. Shen didn’t pick it up when he sent a car to Qiu’s house to pick us up, and the dog men and women called themselves Mr. Chu and Mrs. Chu, imposting our Wenfei and Yingying.”
“These people who do things below have never seen a big world, and where do they know Wenfei from my family. That foolish fool might have passed it like this.”

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