A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 613

Jiangdong Province, Jingzhou City.
A single-family villa.
At this time, the door of the villa was closed tightly, and the white light was on in the deep courtyard, slowly expelling the darkness of night.
Jingzhou’s night tonight is as thick as iron. On the far side of the sky, there are dense clouds, and the stars and moons are obscured. The whole world is full of iron solemnity.
However, in this vast darkness, in the villa hall, it was as bright as day.
In the room, there was a chubby old man in a bathrobe, who had just walked out of the bathroom.
He was sitting on the sofa with a red wine glass in his hand and a charming woman like a beautiful snake in his arms.
The woman in her arms is also wearing only a light dress that is as thin as a cicada’s wings. Except for the key parts are blocked, the eye is full of seductive snow white, white jade legs, which are placed in the arms of the man. , While enjoying the man’s rude touch, from time to time he let out a few whispers like Yingming.
In the room, there is still music, and the low and slow melody lingers gently, but it makes this dark night more silent.
“Brother Zhou, let’s go to the bedroom, OK? People have thought about it.”
At this moment, the charming woman in her arms said almost coquettishly. Remember to read in one second
However, the man shook his head, slapped the woman’s round buttocks with a slap, and the round buttocks trembled three times.
“No, I’m waiting for a call.”
“I can’t sleep well without waiting for this call.”
The man’s words were cold, and when he said this, there was an icy light in his eyes.
According to his estimation, at this time, Da Biao and the others should have come up with Ye Fanpeng.
“There are nearly twenty armed men with three cars.”
“Boy, even if you have great abilities, you will definitely die tonight!”
“You let me ruin, and I will let you die, the corpse wilderness.”
“If you don’t kill you, it’s hard to dispel my hatred~”
In that awe-inspiring voice, there was deep hatred.
At this time, the man’s palm was fiercely clenched, and his fingertips were almost deeply plunged into flesh and blood because of the force.
It can also be seen from a89e8a18, how much does this person hate Ye Fan?
After all, if it wasn’t for Ye Fan, how could he be ruined now?
If it weren’t for Ye Fan, how could he find it difficult to return home and hide everywhere?
After decades of hard work, the business empire he built all his life is now destroyed by Ye Fan!
He now wants to smash Ye Fan into pieces.
The man took a long breath, then spit it out, trying to calm his mood.
Afterwards, he looked at his watch again at 8:12 in the evening.
“At this time, it is estimated that the life of that brat has come to an end.”
The man whispered, talking to himself.
The woman in her arms just snuggled in his arms, twisting her body like a beautiful snake, but she didn’t answer the man’s words.
Ring Ring Ring~
Suddenly, just after the man’s words fell, his cell phone rang suddenly.
He had just set up this mobile phone number, and only one person knew it, and that was Da Biao, who worked for him tonight.
Therefore, at the moment when he heard the bell, an inexplicable arc immediately appeared on the corner of the man’s cold mouth.
It looks like it has been done.
Feeling relieved, the man touched the stunner in his arms again, then picked up the phone and answered.
“Dabiao, you did a great job!”
“I’ll let someone call you the balance.”
“As for that stinky boy’s body, take it to Yunwu Lake, throw it down, and feed the fish inside.”
“I want everyone to know that this is what offends me!”
In the villa, the man smiled wantonly. On the face full of vicissitudes, there was a hideous look. From a distance, it turned out to be that ugly.
The vicious laughter instantly spread throughout the villa hall.
“Zhou, I’m sorry, I’m afraid I will disappoint you again.”
On the other end of the phone, a faint voice came quietly.

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