A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 621

“This~~” Han Shaojie was stunned at the time.
Han Dongmin continued to say, “Shaojie, I have read countless people for so many years. No one has made me feel like Master Ye.”
“Just now, in front of Master Ye’s aura, even me, as if facing the abyss, walking on thin ice.”
“Master Ye gave me the feeling like a real dragon, lurking and sleeping here.”
“No one knows how terrible it will be when this Wolong opens its eyes?”
The moon is lonely, and the night is faint.
Han Dongmin carried his hands on his back and looked at the direction Ye Fan was leaving, but sighed faintly.
Soon after, Han Dongmin and his son also left. At the same time, they called the police and asked them to come over to clean up the mess and investigate.
But Ye Fan had already returned home at this time.
“Sister Qiu, come out soon, Brother Ye Fan brought you skewers.”
“Brother Ye Fan is not willing to give it to me~” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
As soon as he arrived at the door of the house, Lu Wenjing began to shout, and the immature words contained deep resentment.
This Nizi~
Ye Fan listened to the side, but he couldn’t laugh or cry.
At this time, the door of the room opened, and only Han Li and his wife were waiting outside. After seeing Ye Fan, they immediately reached out and grabbed Ye Fan with enthusiasm, and said lovingly, “My son-in-law, talk to Han Shi. After a long day of running, I must be starving.”
“Quickly, Mom will make you a meal. Come and eat it.”
“Yes, Xiao Fan. Wash your hands quickly and come over for dinner. We have already prepared the food and we will wait for you to come back to eat.” Qiulei also smiled cordially. The couple changed their love for Ye Fan. The attitude of replied, at this time, he was particularly enthusiastic and concerned about Ye Fan.
This sudden change in attitude made Ye Fan a little unacceptable for a short time.
I thought I wouldn’t go to the wrong house, right?
Ye Fan immediately stepped back and took a look.
That’s right, 502 on the 5th floor.
Is it because the couple took the wrong medicine?
Before these two people saw him, don’t talk about cooking, and Ye Fan would have burnt incense without scolding himself a few words. Now they are so enthusiastic that the son-in-law shouted.
This one hundred and eighty degree flip made Ye Fan really bewildered.
The couple, what is going on today?
“Dad, mom, are you all right?” Ye Fan was still a little worried, and the fox questioned.
As the saying goes, the weasel did not feel good about greeting the rooster.
Based on Ye Fan’s understanding of the couple, he didn’t think that the Han Li and his wife suddenly treated themselves better.
Inside, something is specified.
“It’s all right, what can we do?”
“I just remembered that I hadn’t cooked for my son-in-law for so many years, and I felt ashamed. Today I want to make up for it.”
“Xiao Fan, my mom used to have a bad temper. Some words may be really ugly, but they are all for the good of you and Mucheng and want to motivate you. After all, there is no motivation without pressure. So ah , Don’t take things to your heart.”
While talking, Han Li enthusiastically pulled Ye Fan to sit down at the table, pouring tea and water, taking care of her with extra care.
Ye Fan looked at it with a face full of doubts, and then asked for help as if to look at Qiu Mucheng, asking her what was going on.
Qiu Mucheng naturally didn’t know.

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