A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 624

“Xiao Fan, if it’s really difficult, it’s okay to let me be a deputy bureau. For the sake of my son-in-law’s face, my old husband will be wronged and become a second-in-command, and this grievance is also acceptable.” Qiu Lei Said something.
However, Han Li immediately glared at him and said angrily: “What nonsense, you old thing? Who is Xiao Fan know? That’s Han Shi. For a big man like Han Shi, it’s not like getting you a small director Dangdang. How can it be difficult to do things in minutes? You look down on our son-in-law Xiaofan, and even more about Hanshi!”
When Qiulei heard it, he nodded and smiled: “Yes, that’s the same, I talk too much.”
The couple sang together, and Qiu Mucheng next to her became speechless.
Fortunately, there are no outsiders on this table, otherwise, she would be so embarrassed to be seen by others that she has such a superb parents?
However, Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan thought that the dinner would be over at this point, but who would have thought that when the Ye Fan and his wife were preparing to clean up the dishes, Han Li was polite to Ye Fan. A cup of tea.
“Xiao Fan, this is a good tip, worth a thousand pounds.”
“Your mother, I know that you like to drink tea. It was specially bought by friends in the south.”
“Try it soon?”
Han Li said enthusiastically.
The mother-in-law has spoken, can Ye Fan not drink it? Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Immediately picked up the teacup and tasted it.
“Is it delicious?” Han Li asked immediately.
Ye Fan nodded: “Well, it’s delicious, thank you mom.”
“It’s okay, since this tea is delicious, I have one more minor thing. I want you to help.”
Hearing Han Li’s words, the smile on Ye Fan’s mouth suddenly stiffened.
This Nima, the mother-in-law is putting him off.
First served with good food and wine, and now he took out a pot of good tea, just to let Ye Fan eat people’s mouth short, so embarrassed to refuse.
What else, Ye Fan can only bite the bullet and listen: “Mom, you said.”
“Haha, since my son-in-law is so happy, then I won’t hide it. You know, although I am one or two years older than your dad, I am already fifty. But I watch TV, the official fifty All year-olds are young. Are you still fighting for the country and the people at the age of 70 or 80?”
“So, I can’t be idle either.”
“Besides, I have been idle for so many years, and I have had enough free time.”
“You help one is also the beginning. In that case, why not let Han Shi also arrange my work.”
“I still know my abilities. I can’t be the chief, but your mother is more than enough for me as a director.”
“I am so busy, am I?”
“This little thing is not a matter of minutes for you and Han Shi.”
“At that time, your dad and I will have a national meal and become a small official. You and Mucheng will also follow the scenery on the road? Your grandfather’s snobbery will never look down on us.”
Han Li looked at Ye Fan and talked again and again, without blushing at all.
But Qiu Mucheng couldn’t listen anymore, and she felt like sitting on pins and needles.
She didn’t even know, how did her mother say these words?
Not to mention whether Ye Fan has such a big face with Han Dongmin, even if he has, but this kind of request, doesn’t this force Han Dongmin to make mistakes?
If it hurts others at that time, how will they face Han Dongmin in the future?
“Mom, your request is too much.”
“Not to mention that this is difficult for you, even if it is not difficult, don’t you know how much abilities you two have. Give you a game. Do you have the ability to manage it? Do you manage it well?”
“Can you afford this position?”

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