A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 627

Ye Fan laughed at himself as if to talk.
These words were not all made up by Ye Fan. After all, before Han Dongmin helped Mu Fan real estate, it was indeed because he owed Ye Fan a favor.
Now that the favors are over, he and Han Dongmin do not owe each other.
In terms of reason, Han Dongmin has basically nothing to do with Ye Fan.
People don’t owe Ye Fan, so why do they help him? And there are still several layers of relationships.
Of course, I said so. With Ye Fan’s current status in Han Dongmin’s heart, if he opened his mouth, Han Dongmin would certainly not be embarrassed to refuse.
However, Ye Fan was not prepared to do this.
These requests by Han Li were rude and absurd.
Therefore, Ye Fan simply used this reason to kill Han Li and the others.
Not his wife, Ye Fan is not used to them!
After hearing Ye Fan’s words, the enthusiasm and smile on the faces of Han Li and his wife faded. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
They were stunned, looking at Ye Fan.
“So, you don’t know Han Shi anymore?”
“Just owe you a favor?”
“It doesn’t matter if the favor is over?”
Han Lihu questioned, Qiu Lei also widened his eyes and looked at Ye Fan.
Ye Fan nodded.
Han Li was not reconciled, and continued to ask: “So, my job with your dad, did you blow up too?”
“Isn’t the chief director?”
“The chief is gone?”
“Are you still the same Ye Fan before? Didn’t you go to Han City this big person?”
Ye Fan nodded: “Mom, although I don’t want to admit it, it is true.”
When Ye Fan nodded, he picked up the tea cup in front of him and prepared to take a sip.
“Then what kind of tea do you drink!”
Han Li was so angry that he snatched the excellent Maojian tea from Ye Fan and drank it by herself.
After drinking, Han Li scowled with a cold face and angrily cursed: “You are a waste of money. I thought you turned over when you met the noble salted fish. Now it seems that I am thinking too much.”
“The soil turtle is the soil turtle, it really lives a lifetime.”
“Drink Maojian? Still drink Moutai?”
“You are too embarrassed? Are you worthy of you?”
“I knew that you were still a wasteful one before, so I didn’t have to work so hard.”
“It’s really mad at me.”
“I bought such expensive tea at a loss, which was wasted and lost a bottle of good wine.”,
“I’m so angry~”
After learning that Ye Fan and Han Dongmin did not have a close relationship at all, Han Li undoubtedly changed her face instantly.
Why is it worth her to fawn on a squandered one?
Prior to this, the reason why she treated Ye Fan so nicely was because Ye Fan had a thigh like Han Dongmin and asked him to help Han Dongmin talk about it and arrange work for them.
But now, Ye Fan said that he had nothing to do with Han Dongmin. He didn’t have any big shots. Han Dongmin wouldn’t pay attention to him in the future, so Han Li would naturally not give Ye Fan a good face.
Then he turned his face.
Not only did Ye Fan not let Ye Fan drink the tea, but he also took the wine back.
Even out of anger, Han Li refused to let Ye Fan even eat.
“This is what I cooked, what qualifications do you have to eat?”
“Other people’s son-in-law is giving money and looking for a job. I don’t know how much can I borrow?”
“I’m going to be pissed off as a trash son-in-law like you!”

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