A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 628

“Not to mention spending our family’s money for nothing, and now I can’t even find a job, I can’t even borrow it at all.”
“You trash, what do our family want you to use?”
Han Li is almost to death.
Before that, seeing that Ye Fan had promised so well, Han Li thought that this matter was almost done, but after a long time, it turned out that Ye Fan had been coaxing them just now.
Thinking about it now, who is Han Dongmin, the leader of a city, even if he is not the number one, he can still be ranked in the top three in Yunzhou.
Ye Fan is just a hillbilly, or a door-to-door son-in-law, how could someone have friendship with such a person?
It is estimated that as Ye Fan said before, the reason why people helped Mufan’s real estate is to give Ye Fan a favor.
When it’s over, I won’t talk to him anymore.
“Hey, I should have thought of it long ago, I shouldn’t have expected it to be useless~”
Han Li felt lost for a while. She thought that she was going to be the wife of the governor. Now that the bamboo basket was empty, she wasted a table of good tea, a bottle of good wine, and a pot of good tea. As you can imagine, Han How depressed and resentful Li and his wife were at this time.
In the end, although this dinner had a good start, it did not end well. Amidst Han Li’s swearing anger, Ye Fan could only go back to the study by himself. Remember to read in one second
Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to listen to her parents’ scolding, and she didn’t eat much, so she followed Ye Fan.
After returning to the bedroom, Qiu Mucheng continued to deal with the company’s affairs.
Now that the various certificates of Mufan Real Estate are complete, the opening ceremony is next.
Qiu Mucheng plans to host this ceremony on a special occasion, to completely make Mufan Real Estate’s reputation in the real estate industry in Yunzhou.
Therefore, Qiu Mucheng is naturally very solemn on the list of people invited for this opening ceremony.
Originally, Qiu Mucheng planned to invite Han Dongmin to attend the opening ceremony.
After all, if senior leaders such as Han Dongmin were in charge of the opening of their Mufan real estate, it would undoubtedly be a matter of great face!
So, her invitation was written, and she was going to send it to Han Dongmin these days. But after thinking about it, Qiu Mucheng is still
Shook his head.
Such a big man, it is estimated that he will not come if he is invited.
Why should they humiliate themselves?
Thinking about this, Qiu Mucheng sighed and threw the invitation to Han Dongmin into the trash.
Before that, Qiu Mucheng thought that Ye Fan and Han Dongmin should have friendship. Looking at Ye Fan’s face, she felt that Han Dongmin should come.
But after hearing what Ye Fan said at the dinner table just now, Qiu Mucheng undoubtedly knew that she was just like her parents, thinking too much.
Where is the friendship.
Han Dongmin is just a personal feeling.
When it’s over, it doesn’t matter naturally.
“Hey, it’s difficult now. At the opening ceremony, if a big person can’t be invited, it would be embarrassing.” Qiu Mucheng was disappointed, shaking her head and sighing.
Gu Gu Gu~
When Qiu Mucheng was worried about the opening ceremony, her belly suddenly remembered.
Only then did Qiu Mucheng remember that she was so angry at dinner just now, and she didn’t eat much, so it’s strange that she wasn’t hungry.
It’s just that at this time, the parents and they estimated that they have already cleaned up the food, she wants to eat, and it is too late.
“Hey, hungry for now, it’s all about losing weight.” Qiu Mucheng whispered, and then continued to work.
However, as soon as her words fell, a seductive smell of meat came from outside the room.
Immediately afterwards, Ye Fan opened the door and entered.
“Mucheng, are you hungry? I saw you had nothing to eat just now.”
“The meat skewers that I left you with Jingjing, warm it up for you, eat it while it’s hot.”
Ye Fan smiled and walked in with his plate. Lu Wenjing, who was envious and coveted, followed behind.
Obviously, this little girl was still thinking about the skewers in Ye Fan’s hand.
And looking at the man in front of him, feeling Ye Fan’s care for her, for a moment, Qiu Mucheng here was almost teary.
An inexplicable warm current flows slowly in her heart like that.

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