A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 632

Only at this time did Qiu Mucheng realize that her husband had turned into a sweet potato without knowing it?
“It seems that I really have to be more optimistic about Ye Fan in the future.”
Qiu Mucheng secretly decided in her heart that she would have to have a snack in the future, fearing that her husband would be taken away.
Thinking like this, Qiu Mucheng no longer had the mind to work. Seeing that it was too early, she also took a bath and rested.
At this time, Jingzhou, a hundred miles away from Yunzhou.
A black Cadillac, but taking advantage of the darkness, quietly parked in front of a single-family villa.
The door opened, and a man in a suit with a gloomy expression got out of the car.
He looked at the luxurious villa in front of him under the dark night with the lights still on, and whispered to the men behind him: “You are all waiting outside.”
“I’ll go in for a while, no one needs to follow.” The man solemnly ordered.
“Brother Zhou, is it really unnecessary?”
“I’m worried about your safety, after all, you are now~” First URL m.
Hearing Zhou Sheng’s words, several men behind him couldn’t help but worry.
Zhou Sheng waved his hand: “It’s okay, don’t worry. I’ll go in and ask someone to do something. If I bring so many people, it would be a bit impolite.”
“So, just wait outside. Don’t come in without my order.”
“The person I want to meet today has a big background.”
“As long as he agrees to help me, that stinky kid in Yunzhou will definitely die!”
“My Zhou Sheng has been out for decades, and no one who offends me has a good end.”
“A hairy boy in Yunzhou, can’t I still get him?”
“He made it difficult for me to return home, and caused my career to collapse, so I let him run into the wilderness and return his soul to nine days!”
Zhou Sheng’s words were icy, and in that awe-inspiring tone, there was a deep killing intent and a monstrous resentment.
To Ye Fan, Zhou Sheng is undoubtedly hated!
If it weren’t for him, how could he and Liu Chuanzhi’s nearly seamless plan be revealed?
Now, although he relied on his contacts in Jingzhou, he was temporarily free. But their company has been blocked, his Zhou Sheng has gone bankrupt, and the police are even looking for him.
Ye Fan made him so miserable, of course he wouldn’t let it go so easily.
Although Da Biao’s action failed, Zhou Sheng still had a hole card. If he didn’t kill the kid, how could Zhou Sheng swallow it?
He came here today to ask the owner of this villa to come forward and help deal with the so-called Master Ye.
Under Zhou Sheng’s order, the subordinates he brought naturally also obediently guarded the roadside. Before Zhou Sheng left, these people all said respectfully: “I wish Brother Zhou, you will get what you want, and everything will come true!”
In the voice of respect, Zhou Sheng immediately turned around, raised his steps, and stepped into the villa in front of him.
In the living room.
The fragrance of tea curled up, and the dim light slowly shed, illuminating the entire hall.
On the sofa, there was a man wearing a nightgown sitting there with his legs crossed, holding a cup of Longjing tea just made in his hand.
It seemed that when Zhou Sheng came, the man was probably ready to rest, and he had changed his pajamas.
This man was not very old, even a little young, but in front of him, Zhou Sheng was extremely respectful.
The whole person stood there with his head down, bowed and apologized: Third Young Master, I’m sorry, but I’m still here to bother you so late. I’m bothering you to rest. ”
“It’s fine if you know it.” The man replied coldly, his words clearly a little impatient, “But Zhou Sheng, you old guy is so bold. You are all wanted. You dare to show your face in Jingzhou?”
“Didn’t I already buy you a ticket to go abroad? Why haven’t I left?”
“I’m still in Jingzhou now, and I can’t find death!!”

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