A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 634

“Don’t forget, at this moment, the woman you are holding in your arms, who risked her life to save you.”
“Even if you really forgot about this matter, three young masters, aren’t you afraid, I will reveal to the old man what happened to you in your villa on the outskirts of Jingzhou, in the golden house.”
“You should know that if the old man knows that you know your mistakes and you still maintain an intimate relationship with this woman in the dust, what will be the consequences?”
As Zhou Sheng’s words fell, a cold wind swept across the entire villa.
The man in the nightgown upstairs, with that handsome face, turned cold: “Are you threatening me?”
“Three young masters, of course I dare not. My Zhou Sheng just hopes that the third young masters can help!”
“For you, this is just a matter of effort. But for me, it is a lifelong regret.”
“If he doesn’t die, I will have trouble sleeping and eating in my whole life, and I won’t die!”
At this moment, Zhou Sheng asked bitterly.
The words were sorrowful, and there were almost old tears in the old eyes, which made people move. Remember to read in one second
There was a long silence.
In the room, the man in the nightgown remained silent for a long time.
Above the cold and majestic face, no one knew what the man was thinking about at this time.
After a long time, the man in the nightgown whispered.
“Fine, Zhou Sheng, you won. I’ll help you with that.”
“Tomorrow, you come to me again.”
“When the time comes, I will go to Yunzhou with you, and I will help you, but this is my heart.”
“That’s it, you must leave.”
“Otherwise, you can’t afford the subsequent consequences!”
Seeing the third master agreed, Zhou Sheng was immediately delighted and grateful to Dade: “You can rest assured that as long as the bastard is slaughtered, Zhou Sheng will leave the country immediately. The matter between you and Miss Cher, I will also have a bad stomach. , Will never reveal the slightest to anyone.”
After achieving the goal, Zhou Sheng also left the villa and left overnight in the car.
The night in Jingzhou is as cool as water.
Zhou Sheng sat in the car and drove across the vast streets of Jingzhou. Through the car window, he looked out to the distant world. At the corner of his mouth, a cold smile suddenly appeared.
“Ye Fan, Ye Fan, if nothing happens, tonight will be your last night in this world!”
One night passed quickly.
The new day started, Ye Fan still got up early, and went to the neighborhood to run along the river for half an hour in the morning, and then went home to prepare breakfast for his wife.
The whole family counts on Qiu Mucheng to raise her, and of course she has to make good the food.
Soon, Qiu Mucheng went to work after breakfast, but when he went out, Han Li reminded Qiu Mucheng to come back early in the evening.
“Don’t be delayed at the company after get off work at night, go home quickly.”
“No accident, your uncle should come to Yunzhou tonight and pick Wenjing home.”
“Your uncle came to our house for the first time in so many years. You should be here as a niece. Did you hear that?”
“Furthermore, Mucheng, your uncle is the vice president of a listed company. If you can please her, you might be able to give you some errand in Jingzhou. The province is delayed because the small broken company is delayed.”

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