A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 67

“I… Am I special?”
Chu Wenfei was almost mad at the time.
This Nima, are these people funny? Come over and give me a toast. Don’t you know me?
The wine to Nima!
“Haha, it’s normal not to know each other for the first time.”
“Let me introduce, this is my son-in-law, the noble son of Chu Yang, the head of Yangtian Real Estate, Mr. Chu Wenfeichu.” Wang Qiaoyu volunteered and introduced with a smile.
e250ad72 “He is Mr. Chu?”
“Who is that?”
The hotel managers were also a little confused, so why did he become Mr. Chu again?
“Shen Shao, this?” Remember to read the book for one second
Lin Feng, the hotel manager, looked at Shen Fei in confusion.
However, Shen Fei winked at Lin Feng and the others: “A real person does not show up, and an appearance is not a real person. You treat him as Mr. Chu’s bar.”
Shen Fei’s words were vague, but Lin Feng, these old fried dough sticks, naturally understood instantly, and looked at Ye Fan with an inexplicable smile: “Haha~ I understand, I understand.”
“Then this glass of wine, we will drink it.”
Lin Feng and the others smiled, and then drank it.
“Manager Lin, do you take what you said just now?” Wang Qiaoyu asked with a smile after Lin Feng and others finished drinking.
“Mr. Chu will be exempt from meals?”
“That’s natural. It is our honour for Mr. Chu to come. In the future, Mr. Chu will come to our hotel, not only free of charge, but also a full reception for all Han Chinese, Lafite red wine, flying Maotai, all for free. I definitely let Mr. Chu drink. Have fun.”
As the saying goes, if you don’t throw a rabbit, you can’t catch a wolf. In order to get a relationship with Ye Fan, these people are also fighting.
After the toast, Lin Feng and others also left. Shen Fei left after answering the phone at this time. But Wang Qiaoyu was so proud.
“Look, see, how much face is Wenfei?”
“All meals will be free in the future, and hundreds of thousands of red wine will be given away.”
Others are also jealous and hateful.
The paralyzed, it is good to be born in a wealthy family, wherever you go, people will die.
Many people counted their thumbs at Chu Wenfei, and the boss Qiu Guang even exclaimed: “Wen Fei is still so awesome, making the Shen family so flattering. With your niece and son-in-law, I walked outside and followed my face. .”
“Haha, the uncle is polite, it’s all a family. If there is any injustice outside in the future, just tell me. Be sure to make a phone call and handle it for you in minutes.”
Chu Wenfei was also addicted to pretending, he kept pretending at the dinner table. Everyone in the Qiu family also toasted Chu Wenfei one after another.
In sharp contrast with Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying, Ye Fan’s side was particularly deserted. Don’t talk about toasting them, the entire Qiu family didn’t take care of them.
Ye Fan looked as usual, still drinking tea quietly. But Qiu Mucheng looked at her with inexplicable sadness in her heart.
In the end, as if to hide his embarrassment, Qiu Mucheng had to pick up the chopsticks and pick up the dishes.
However, as soon as Qiu Mucheng wanted to catch the fish, the disc was turned around. Qiu Mucheng had to pick up the vegetables in front of her, but as soon as the chopsticks were stretched over, the round table was turned again. This scene undoubtedly made Qiu Mucheng even more embarrassed.
“Huh, two white-eyed wolves, want to eat and drink, dream about you?” Wang Qiaoyu smiled triumphantly at this time, pushing the round table with his hands and turning vigorously, deliberately not allowing Qiu Mucheng to eat.
“Mucheng, do you want to eat fish, just tell me?” Ye Fan’s voice suddenly came, his eyes were quick, but he had already picked up a piece of fish and put it on Qiu Mucheng’s plate.
At this moment, Wang Qiaoyu became angry and sneered coldly: “You said that even if you raise a dog and we feed it, it knows that it wags its tail and screams at its owner. But some of these people are really shameless. Say, there is no word of thanks, but I still choose valuable food.”
“How shameless is this?”

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