A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 674

“What a white-eyed wolf!”
“He didn’t want to think, if it wasn’t for the Qiu family, could she have today?”
In the hall, everyone in the Qiu family was undoubtedly extremely angry. I was surprised and jealous.
What they said, how old Qiu didn’t know. Since receiving this invitation, Mr. Qiu’s old face has always been gloomy and ugly. My heart is extremely angry.
“Okay, I am looking for you, not to listen to your complaints.”
“All talk about any thoughts and suggestions.”
“Also, is the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate going or not?” Old Man Qiu asked in a deep voice.
Wang Qiaoyu immediately replied: “Of course not!”
“A wife of a village turtle has a face to invite us, so is she worthy?”
“Father, I think, not only will we not go to this opening ceremony, but we have to mobilize other business friends to stop them either.”
“At that time, no one cares about the opening ceremony. See how Qiu Mucheng will step down?”
“A small broken company, still holding an opening ceremony? Really treat yourself as a person?”
“I think that Qiu Mucheng is insulting herself!” Wang Qiaoyu sneered.
Jiang Hong and others also immediately agreed: “This is a good idea. The purpose of the opening ceremony of Qiu Mucheng, isn’t it just to show the limelight?”
“We won’t let her succeed yet!”
“At that time, no one went to the opening ceremony. I think she can still eat her meal.”
“Moreover, we have to report her!”
“Sue them for illegal business operations.”
“Whether she gets the approval or not, you have to sue her first and make them sick!”
Listening to the words of Wang Qiaoyu and others, Mr. Qiu nodded: “Well, just do what you said. It just so happens that through this matter, I will also teach her a lesson. Let her know that Jiang is still hot!”
“Otherwise, she is afraid that she really thinks that her wings are hard and she can challenge the family?”
Mr. Qiu’s words were cold, and there was undoubtedly infinite anger in that low tone.
Qiu Mucheng’s behavior was undoubtedly a huge offense to his majesty.
If she didn’t teach her a profound lesson this time, she would have to disrespect him even more in the future?
“Grandpa, I have another idea, I don’t know what do you think?” At this moment, Qiu Muying seemed to have some idea, and then said to Grandpa Qiu.
“Huh? Come and listen.” The old man replied in a deep voice.
“Grandpa, the second phase of our cooperation with Hongqi Group is about to begin? Take this opportunity, why don’t we also have a ribbon-cutting celebration. And, like my third sister, we invite the rich and powerful in Yunzhou. Come to this celebration.”
“Moreover, the location of our celebration is the hotel opposite to Mufan Property. The time is the same as the opening ceremony of Mufan Property.”
“At that time, our guests from all over the world will be in an endless stream, but the Mufan real estate side will be deserted.”
“Comparing the two, not only can make Qiu Mucheng face scandal, but it can also increase the reputation of our Qiu family in Yunzhou. Grandpa, your prestige will also increase accordingly.”
“Isn’t it a wonderful thing to do two things?”
Qiu Muying smiled lightly.
When everyone in the Qiu family heard it, their eyes brightened.
“Yingying is a good idea.”
“Father, I think we will do just that.”
“Taking this opportunity, our Qiu family can not only show up, but also use this to suppress Qiu Mucheng’s arrogance.”
“Let this Niu know that your grandfather is still your grandfather, and your uncle is also your uncle.”
“A junior, still a useless woman, she still wants to turn the sky in our hands? In the next life!”

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