A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 680

However, as soon as they passed, Qiu Muying saw a familiar back.
“Isn’t that Qiu Mucheng?”
“Bring that turtle?”
Seeing the two of Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Muying frowned unpleasantly, but soon followed with a smile.
“Husband, go and take a look.”
Qiu Muying sneered and walked over.
At this time, the shopping guide was introducing the wedding dress in front of him to Ye Fan.
“Miss, you have a good vision.”
“This wedding dress is the treasure of our town shop.”
“Look at the phoenix crown, gorgeous and gorgeous, full of grace and luxury!” The first website m.
“Phoenix Crown Xia, has been a royal dress since ancient times.”
“If you were married on the day of your wedding with stunning makeup and this phoenix crown, I can guarantee that you will be the only “queen” in that world on that day!”
“Jiang, brilliant~”
The sensational and seductive voice of the shopping guide rang slowly in Qiu Mucheng’s ears.
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng was really tempted.
Not only because of the nobility contained in this phoenix crown, but also because of the beauty and exquisite design of the wedding dress in front of me, it completely conquered Qiu Mucheng.
However, just when Qiu Mucheng was about to ask how much the wedding dress was, a cold laugh came from behind him.
“Yeah, Feng Guanxia?”
“Sister, are you still upset?”
“Born to fate, but dreaming of a queen?”
“Leave aside this phoenix crown, just what you can wear or not? Just the price of this wedding dress, you can’t afford it?”
Between chuckles, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei were already in front of Qiu Mucheng. Looking at the two Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Muying’s eyes were full of sarcasm.
However, seeing Qiu Muying and the others, Qiu Mucheng was too lazy to pay attention to them. After looking at them, she immediately turned her head away, not seeing them.
Qiu Muying was not angry, but looked at the waiter in front and smiled lightly: “Waitress, tell my third sister the price so that she can give up.”
“Miss, this phoenix crown is inlaid with a 9-carat pigeon blood ruby. There is also gold and silver thread engraved on the phoenix crown. The entire wedding dress is designed by the top designers of the Shen Group and hand-embroidered by dozens of excellent craftsmen. , So the price is indeed a bit expensive, the price is 13.14 million yuan, which means the love of a couple for a lifetime.”
“However, I believe this price is far less than your dignity, Miss.”
The waiter in front of him was also very talkative, looking at Qiu Mucheng with beautiful eyes, full of respect and kind smile.
Obviously, the waiter in front of him regarded Qiu Mucheng as a rich man about to marry into a wealthy family.
After all, Qiu Mucheng’s looks, temperament, or figure, she was absolutely stunning.
For women with stunning looks and elegant temperament, the waiters think they are definitely not ordinary people.
“I said little sister, don’t insult this word.”
“Do you know, what kind of husband does this “honorable” woman in front of you marry?” Qiu Muying shook her head and smiled, her words full of sarcasm.
The waitress suddenly became curious: “Isn’t it the rich young master?”
Qiu Muying couldn’t hold back it, and just let out a chuckle.
“Also rich young master?”
“Master shit!”
“It’s just useless.”
“She married a door-to-door son-in-law or a country 397a47e2 bark.”
“Don’t say more than ten million yuan, it is more than one thousand yuan. Her husband can’t get it out. The whole thing is just a waste of soft rice.”
“If you don’t believe me, ask them, can this wedding dress be affordable?”

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