A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 695

At this time, there was a piece of debris scattered in my daughter’s country.
All the guests present watched in panic, and Shen Meng knelt on the ground and looked at the mess all over the floor, heartbroken.
However, Zhang Li was a little surprised. Seeing Qiu Muying’s self-confidence, she suddenly became suspicious.
Are these vases really just imitations of modern craftsmanship?
Suspicious, Zhang Li asked again: “Yingying, what you just said is true?”
“These vases are really only worth a few hundred dollars?”
“That’s natural.” Qiu Muying was still very confident, and said proudly, “Mom, don’t worry, your daughter-in-law, I have never seen any treasures, blue and white porcelain of the Yuan Dynasty, cloisonne used by the royal family, these ceramic treasures I don’t know how many I have seen.”
“Is the vase in front of you, is it true or not, will your daughter-in-law not be able to tell?”
“Just put your mind on it, you can’t be wrong.”
“Just the few vases we crushed can be settled for a thousand dollars.”
“One thousand yuan, for families like ours, is not a drop in the bucket. I will throw it out for nothing today to take care of the business of the store manager.” First website m.
Qiu Muying proudly brags about herself, putting on a well-informed look.
Chu Wenfei also echoed from the side: “Yes, Mom. Your daughter-in-law is not an ordinary person, she has a lot of knowledge, and the vase in front of her is worthless. She can tell it clearly and know it in her heart.”
Hearing the words of Chu Wenfei and his wife, Zhang Li’s heart that had been hanging, then let go.
Looking at 49413a26, it is really a worthless fake.
Otherwise, if you break three at once, how much do you have to lose?
Thinking of this, Zhang Li nodded in satisfaction: “Wen Fei, it seems that your vision is still good. This time thanks to Yingying, otherwise your mother’s salary this month will be in vain.”
Although the Chu family is a billionaire, Zhang Li has always insisted on keeping the family diligent, and she will never allow misuse of money that shouldn’t be spent.
What’s more, the previous six hundred thousand was an astronomical figure for Qiu Mucheng’s family, but it was definitely not a small number for Zhang Li.
That was her own monthly salary, which was now saved by Qiu Muying. For a while, Zhang Li’s attitude towards Qiu Muying was undoubtedly more satisfied.
“However, I’m still surprised. Why would such a high-end shop put a few cheap vases here? Isn’t this a self-degrading status?” Until now, Zhang Li still has some confusion, obviously still doubting Qiu Mucheng. Words.
“Mom, don’t you believe it?”
“If that’s the case, let Manager Shen tell you in person, look at your daughter-in-law’s eyes, whether it’s correct or not?” Qiu Muying smiled triumphantly, with a complete look on her chest.
These vases, although she boasted, she had seen them. But in fact, she just heard Shen Meng say by herself. ,
Qiu Muying said so, nothing more than showing herself in front of Zhang Li.
Afterwards, Qiu Muying looked at Shen Meng ahead: “Manager Shen, don’t clean up the debris. Quickly, tell my mother-in-law, how much is the vase that I broke before?”
Qiu Muying said to Shen Meng impulsively.
At this time, Shen Meng had already got up and stood up, looking at Qiu Muying’s eyes, full of anger, wishing that the woman in front of him was alive.
“Well, since you want to know, then I will tell you.”

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