A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 703

“Time has really changed too many things.”
“Let the people who were so close to me become completely different.”
“Ye Fan, really, sometimes, I really don’t want to grow up.”
“How simple it was when I was a child. There is no intrigue, and there is not so much utilitarianism and desire.”
“Simple and pure, just like the sky in front of you.”
Qiu Mucheng seemed to remember a lot of things from her childhood.
At that time in the old house of the Qiu family, the juniors were playing together and frolicking together. Perhaps they would fight because they grabbed a piece of ice cream, but they would continue to play together soon.
At that time, there were not so many cars on the road, and the buildings were not as tall as they are now, but everyone’s faces were filled with smiles that no one currently has.
However, who would have thought that, inadvertently, their three Qiu family sisters had already married.
What’s more, Qiu Mucheng felt sad. The sister Mu Ying was no longer there when she was a child.
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Listening to Qiu Mucheng’s lost words, Ye Fan smiled faintly and comforted: “Yes, time has really changed too many things.”
“Make familiar people unfamiliar, and make strangers familiar.”
“Change everything around us.”
“But Mucheng, isn’t this also the charm of life?”
“If we don’t grow up, how can we become strong, how can we have the ability to protect the people we want to protect and accomplish things we could not do?”
“More importantly, if we don’t grow up, I, Ye Fan, how can I meet you?”
Ye Fan’s faint voice seemed to contain special magical power.
When he said this, Ye Fan looked at the stunning girl in front of him like this, and his deep eyes were full of affection and gratitude.
It was the affection for the beautiful woman in front of me, and the gratitude to the time.
Thanks for the love of the years, let him meet the most beautiful her in the most beautiful years!
At that moment, Qiu Mucheng was stunned.
There is an inexplicable touch on the beautiful face.
Qiu Mucheng raised her pretty face, just like that, looking at him idiotically.
From his eyes, Qiu Mucheng seemed to see the clouds rising from the sky, and as if seeing the three thousand leaves falling!
Qiu Mucheng at this time was full of touch and affection.
She wanted to muster up the courage and tell the man before her.
She is also grateful for the love of the years, and thank you for meeting the best you in her most beautiful Fanghua!
The autumn wind blew up the fallen leaves, and boundless yellow leaves rustled near the ears.
Before she knew it, Qiu Mucheng had already closed her eyes. The pretty face was blushing attractively, and there were almost 10,000 fawns in her heart.
In this way, the hearts of the two people gradually approached.
Qiu Mucheng had almost heard Ye Fan’s breathing. And Ye Fan had already smelled the attractive body fragrance of the lady in front of him.
However, just when the two of them could smell their noses, and their red lips were about to touch each other by an inch, suddenly, a call, quietly sounded, but it shattered all the romance!
“Teacher Xiaofan, teacher Xiaofan~”
“Teacher Xiaofan, I was looking for you so hard, I finally met today.”
“Fortunately I caught up, or else I will miss it again.”
Gu Longen trot all the way, and after catching up with Ye Fan, he said breathlessly.
Goodbye Ye Fan, Gu Longen is undoubtedly full of excitement and joy.
Gu Longen’s sudden arrival undoubtedly completely disturbed Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng’s good deeds.

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