A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 708

Ye Fan shook his head quickly and said that he hadn’t said anything.
Afterwards, Ye Fan went back to the study, read a book on the bed for a while, and fell asleep without knowing it.
The next day, as soon as Ye Fan opened his eyes, he saw Qiu Mucheng’s angry eyes and looked at herself fiercely. A few traces of “killing intent” even appeared on the pretty face.
This woman didn’t even change her pajamas, she looked fierce and evil, as if she was going to swallow Ye Fan alive.
“I go!”
“Qiu Mucheng, are you crazy?”
“You want to scare me to death?”
Ye Fan was taken aback. At that time, he was surprised that the gangsters coming at home would subconsciously take action. Fortunately, he held it back, otherwise Qiu Mucheng’s face would not be able to keep it.
“Ye Fan, you bastard, how dare you lie to me?”
“You’re done!”
“I want to beat you to death~” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Qiu Mucheng ignored Ye Fan’s complaint, but yelled angrily. He picked up the pillow on the bed and hit Ye Fan fat.
It turned out that after listening to Ye Fan’s words last night, Qiu Mucheng waited all night in front of the phone, but there was no call.
She later realized that she must have been teased by Ye Fan’s bastard.
Isn’t Qiu Mucheng angry that she was so happy that she had waited so long?
She now has the heart to shoot Ye Fan dead!
“Han Shi personally told me yesterday!”
“I definitely didn’t lie to you.”
“Wife, wait, I’ll help you ask.”
Ye Fandang even picked up the phone and called Han Dongmin.
Ciao, it’s turned off!
Ye Fan’s face was green at the time.
“Okay, don’t pretend it anymore.”
“I know, you can’t count on it when it’s critical.”
“It’s also stupid for me. People in Korea have a lot of opportunities. How can I call you when I have time, how can we invite small people like us to participate in the annual meeting of entrepreneurs?”
Qiu Mucheng sighed in frustration, and after the grievance in her heart was vented, she also walked out of Ye Fan’s room.
But when Qiu Mucheng just came out, she happened to ran into Han Li who came out to go to the bathroom.
Han Li screamed after seeing it.
“Qiu Mucheng, you…you slept with that wimp last night?”
“Asshole thing, how can you do such things?”
“How can you be so self-respectful?”
Seeing Qiu Mucheng walking out of Ye Fan’s room in her pajamas, Han Li’s old eyes instantly turned red.
Han Li was going crazy, shaking all over.
If you really get pregnant because of this, how will your daughter marry the rich second generation in the future?
“Mom, what are you talking nonsense?” Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face flushed suddenly, and said a little shyly, and then quickly explained to Han Li, telling Han Li the whole story.
“Is this true?”
“Of course it’s true, if you don’t believe it, it’s still hot if you touch my quilt.”
After hearing Qiu Mucheng’s explanation, Han Li calmed down, and then began to blame Qiu Mucheng for being stupid and too easy to be deceived.
“Daughter, I say you are stupid, you still don’t believe it.”
“That silly waste, will he be eligible for b1087e54 to ask Han Shi to call him personally?”
“He obviously bluffed you. Only the mindless like you would believe it.”
“Besides, don’t we know what we can do? Your grandfather was not qualified to go to the annual meeting of entrepreneurs. Will Hanshi invite you?”
“Just think about good things.”
“Okay, hurry up and eat some food and go to work.”
Han Li scolded Qiu Mucheng for a while.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t make any excuses either, she changed into her pajamas, ate breakfast and went out to work.
Ye Fan went out after a while, but Ye Fan was very angry at this time.
“Han Dongmin, this old thing owes a lot, even I dare to play?”
In anger, Ye Fan called Han Dongmin again.

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