A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 721

“No pain, no pain~”
Mr. Qiu was very excited at this time, smiling from ear to ear. Looking at the gazes of Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying’s husband and wife, they were full of approval and relief.
“I, Qiu Zhenglun, I am most proud of having your granddaughter, Yingying.”
“The happiest thing is to have a grandson-in-law like Wen Fei.”
“Yingying, Wen Fei, grandpa really has to thank you.”
“If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to enter the gate of the convention and exhibition center in my life. In this life, it would be difficult to participate in this annual meeting of entrepreneurs, right?”
As he talked, Mr. Qiu almost burst into tears.
He has struggled all his life, and now he has a lot of descendants and successful careers. The biggest regret in the past was that I was not invited to attend this Yunzhou entrepreneurs annual meeting.
After all, this is more than just a conference.
It represents an honor, a recognition of society, and a symbol of identity and honor. Remember to read in one second
Only after stepping out from here, can Mr. Qiu tell others righteously that he is a great national entrepreneur.
“Yes, even the uncle and I are in your light.” Qiu Guang also smiled, sighing from the side.
“Then grandpa, can you give me your incense burner?” Seeing that the old man Qiu was so happy, Qiu Muying took the opportunity to hit the old man’s incense burner again.
When I ate with Wang Xingduo last time, this incense burner should have been in hand.
However, something went wrong and the old man was furious, and Qiu Muying didn’t dare to mention it again.
Now, taking advantage of this opportunity, Qiu Muying is bringing up the old thing again, and she will ask for this incense burner for Mr. Qiu.
“You Nizi, you really are born to do business, you don’t suffer.”
“Well, the incense burner, I will give it to you when I go back, and I will give it to you when I go back~” Old man Qiu was also generous, and said with a smile.
“Thank you, grandpa.” Qiu Muying smiled suddenly.
I thought to myself that the old man’s incense burner was estimated to be worth 1.8 million yuan, so that it would be able to pay off part of the debt.
Yes, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei also carried a debt of 4 million on their backs.
That day, Qiu Muying broke two vases, Shen Meng asked them to pay 8 million yuan, Zhang Li took one million, Chu Wenfei and Qiu Muying both broke the old story, and they made up less than two hundred. Million.
There were still five million debts left. At that time, Shen Meng put aside his harsh words and sent them to the police station if they were not completely repaid.
In desperation, Chu Wenfei had to call his friend to borrow four million, and finally Shen Meng saw Chu Wenfei’s friend’s face and gave another one million. This matter was just revealed.
As for Mr. Qiu and the Qiu family, he didn’t know anything about it.
Of course, Qiu Muying didn’t dare to say it. After all, a lot of their family’s money came from the company. This is easy to reveal and will inevitably arouse suspicion.
As for the Chu family, Chu Wenfei dared not ask for help. What happened that night made his mother Zhang Li very angry, and then ask them for money? Chu Wenfei didn’t have the face to ask.
Therefore, I can only borrow from a friend.
Chu Wenfei is usually generous and generous, and he has made many friends since he was a child, and he has a good family background.
One of them is Wu Yong, the son of the mayor of Yunzhou City.
Chu Wenfei mostly borrowed the four million from Wu Yong.
Chu Wenfei also got the tickets for today’s annual meeting of entrepreneurs entirely through Wu Yong.
“Wen Fei, Angkor hasn’t arrived yet?” At today’s annual meeting of entrepreneurs, Qiu Muying and the others are all counting on Wu Yong to lead them in. Seeing that Wu Yong hasn’t arrived yet, Qiu Muying couldn’t help being a little worried.

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