A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 728

But how can Su Qian let it: “Qiu Muying, what Mucheng said is your sister, you two have conflicts again, you go home and say. Now with so many people, do you know that what you will do next will be It ruined Mucheng.”
“Can I beg you?”
“Mucheng is your cousin after all~”
Susie started this matter after all.
If this makes Qiu Mucheng ruined, how comfortable is Susie?
Nature obstructed in a thousand ways, not allowing Qiu Muying to come on stage.
“Cousin?” Qiu Muying laughed at herself, “Now she knows that it is my sister. When I was in danger and died in the daughter country, did she know that she was my sister when she was asked to help?”
“She was ruthless first, so don’t blame me for being ruthless!”
“Don’t let me go!”
“You did something shameful d987e3f8, don’t you let me say it?”
“Dream and go!” The starting website m.
Qiu Muying had no patience anymore, she pushed Susie away, and immediately stepped onto the high platform, grabbed the microphone from Qiu Mucheng’s hand, and pointed to Qiu Mucheng coldly.
“The speech of President Su just now was very exciting.”
“Presumably everyone, after listening to President Su’s speech just now, they all think that Mufan Group is a big group, and the President Qiu Mucheng Qiu in front of him is also the CEO of a big company?”
“But now, I just want to say one thing.”
“Everyone, we are all deceived by them!”
“She, Qiu Mucheng, is just a bereaved dog.”
“As for the so-called Mufan Group, it’s just made up.”
“Her company, called Mufan Real Estate, is a small and broken company with no background!”
“What is the CEO of Duojin?”
“What beauty elite?”
“All jokes!”
“As for the Yunzhou goddess, she is even more unworthy!”
“She is not only a frail woman with a reputation, but also the wife of a hillbilly.”
“The man she married is still a poor son-in-law!”
Small broken company?
Lost dog?
Husband is still a hillbilly?
A wimpy son-in-law?
After Qiu Muying’s words fell, the entire venue exploded.
Like a stone, set off a thousand waves!
After all, what Qiu Muying said was too shocking.
You know, before this, many people had secretly identified Qiu Mucheng as the number one goddess in Yunzhou.
It may be the second Xu Lei.
But who would have thought that Qiu Mucheng’s personality would collapse in just a while?
“This lady!”
“You can eat rice but you can’t talk nonsense?”
“Chiu is so beautiful, his temperament is refined, and he looks like a fish and a wild goose.”
“How do you look at it, doesn’t look like a liar vain woman?”
“Aren’t you making a mistake?”
At this time, many people still didn’t believe what Qiu Muying said.
They can hardly imagine that such a beautiful and beautiful president would be a vain liar?
Facing the inquiries from everyone, Qiu Muying didn’t have any urgency, but rather said confidently: “Don’t worry, everyone, if I dare to stand up and point out, I won’t make a mistake.”
“This person is named Qiu Mucheng. According to her seniority, she should be my cousin.”
“So, I know her details.”
“A few months ago, Qiu Mucheng colluded with her wretched husband and did something to corrupt my Qiu family’s family style. My grandfather has been removed from the family.”
“Later, I opened a fur company called Mufan Real Estate.”
“Recently, this small broken company is going to hold an opening ceremony. I guess she is afraid that no one will join in and embarrass herself. Therefore, in order to satisfy her vanity, she just did such a shameless thing to deceive everyone.”
“What I said above is true.”
“If you don’t believe me, my grandfather and my uncle are here now.”
“We can invite my grandfather to come up and confront Qiu Mucheng on stage!”

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