A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 730

The glorious image of Qiu Mucheng before, undoubtedly collapsed instantly.
Filled with righteous indignation, everyone verbally criticized Qiu Mucheng and spoke harshly.
Susie and Zhang Zhengfu saw that things were out of control, and they were suddenly panicked and asked Qiu Mucheng to get off the stage quickly.
They are now worried that some people will do something radical when they are angry.
However, Qiu Mucheng did not listen to Susie’s words, she still stood there.
Even if many people are insulting her and scolding her, she still wants to say something.
“I’m sorry for deceiving everyone.”
“But there is one thing I want to tell everyone.”
“My husband Ye Fan, he comes from a poor family, and he is indeed a son-in-law.”
“However, he is not a waste of Qiu Muying’s mouth.”
“In my heart, he is an upright man.” Remember to read for a second
“I don’t allow you to insult him!”
Facing everyone’s scolding and insults, Qiu Mucheng paled. However, when she said this, her expression was firm, and there was an inexplicable light in her eyebrows.
The words are loud, sonorous and powerful.
However, Qiu Mucheng’s personality has collapsed, and now she is just a hypocritical liar in the eyes of everyone, who cares about her words.
Soon, he was overwhelmed by overwhelming scolding.
“A hillbilly, a stubborn son-in-law, or a man standing upright?”
“Shall I get rid of Nima?”
“Don’t insult us men!”
“That man of flesh and blood will become a son-in-law?”
“It’s nonsense!”
“You are a useless woman, and 4f4c9bd9 are you embarrassed to invite us to the opening ceremony?”
“You deserve it too!”
For a time, Qianfu pointed out.
Amid the anger of everyone, those invitations just now were all smashed by Qiu Mucheng.
“Go away~”
“How is this kind of scum worthy to be with us?”
“What does the security guard eat?”
“Put anyone in there too?”
“A fur company, why is it eligible to participate in the annual meeting of entrepreneurs?”
“Hurry up!”
Countless people cursed angrily, and finally shouted directly to make Qiu Mucheng and the others go.
“You are bold!”
“Han City invited us, do you dare to let us go?”
“Besides, the Convention and Exhibition Center is not yours. Why do you let us go?”
“We have an invitation letter!”
In the face of everyone’s verbal and penal criticism, Susie retorted in a fierce manner.
The commotion here has undoubtedly attracted the attention of the organizers of this exhibition center.
Soon, Manager Xu, who was responsible for maintaining the order of the convention and exhibition center, came over and said coldly to Su Qian and others: “I am the security officer here. We now doubt the authenticity of your invitation letter. We verify and check!”
Upon hearing this, Susie and Zhang Zhengfu became even more angry: “Why do you just suspect us? With so many people present, why don’t you check them?”
“I’ll say it again, please cooperate with the inspection! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Manager Xu had no patience in front of him, and gave an ultimatum to Susie and others.
No way, Zhang Zhengfu had to take out the invitation.
“Okay, don’t you check, let you check!”
“Invited by Han City, could this invitation be faked?” Susie said coldly.
Zhang Zhengfu is also vowed.
Manager Xu ignored them, but handed the invitation letter to the staff behind.
“How about? Is this invitation letter real?” Manager Xu asked coldly.
“Manager, it’s true.”
When Zhang Zhengfu heard it, he immediately laughed: “Well, the dog sees people’s things, and he doesn’t apologize to us. Of course we were wrong before, but we have an invitation letter, so you can’t drive us away.
However, the staff then added. “But the manager, the person invited by this invitation letter is not them based on the data comparison. Therefore, there is reason to suspect that they stole this invitation letter.”
Stole? ! !
Not only Manager Xu, but even Susie was shocked, her beautiful eyes suddenly widened, and she turned to look at Zhang Zhengfu.
It seems to be asking him, what is going on? !

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