A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 738

Recalling the scene just now, many people still have lingering fears.
“Master Qiu, is this man really a countryman?”
“But how can a countryman be so powerful?”
“Even Erye Li from Yunzhou, I’m afraid it’s not as good as that?”
“He wouldn’t really be a big man, would he?”
Many people sighed, panicked, and turned to look at the old man Qiu who was aside.
Old man Qiu snorted coldly, “What big shit?”
“This wasteful use of my Qiu family’s food and drink for three years, what is his ability, I don’t know?”
“This kind of hillbilly has nothing to do except brute force. Just now it was just a bluff, don’t care.”
“However, he does not know whether he lives or die today. He will make trouble in the coming year. When Han City comes, we will report together and send him to the police station tomorrow.
This remark of the old man Qiu calmed the panic of the people by three points. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Seeing Ye Fan leaving, Qiu Muying and Chu Wenfei also let out a long sigh of relief.
Although Ye Fan has only been here for a while, it is as long as a century for the couple. They only feel like they have walked through a ghost gate.
“It seems that in the future, you have to hire a few bodyguards.”
“Otherwise, one day, I will be poisoned by this country dick.” Until now, Chu Wenfei still had lingering fears, and said secretly.
Qiu Muying’s mood gradually calmed down, watching the blood stained on her long skirt, undoubtedly hating Ye Fan even more.
“This damn Ye Fan!”
“Such a cruel hand.”
“However, he injured Xu Lin recklessly, and he is dead.”
“Xu Lin has a very good relationship with Han Shi, and Han Shi will definitely not let him go.”
“Wait, you guys~”
Qiu Muying said angrily, her words filled with gloom.
At this moment, Han Dongmin finally arrived, but it was already long overdue.
Seeing Xu Lin who was convulsed in a pool of blood, Han Dongmin let out a long sigh.
After all, he was late.
“Han City, you are finally here.”
“Manager Xu was seriously injured by a gangster. You should send someone to arrest him.”
“I know that the gangster is there, and I can lead you there.”
Seeing Han Dongmin, Qiu Muying hurried forward and said eagerly.
Father Qiu also went up to greet Han Dongmin, and at the same time echoed: “Yes, Han Shi. Even though that wasteful is my grandson-in-law of the Qiu family, he has done such a cruel thing. Cover up. Please Han City immediately lead someone to arrest him!”
However, Han Dongmin was annoyed when he heard it.
Slapped Qiu Muying’s face with a slap, and immediately stunned Qiu Muying: “Asshole thing, Xiaolin must be bewitched by you for this disaster.”
“It’s not enough for you to harm Xiaolin so badly, do you want to harm me?”
“Will you get out of me?!”
After Han Dongmin stunned Qiu Muying, he turned around and stared at the old man Qiu who was aside, and also angrily rebuked: “And you are an old thing, even if the junior is stupid, but you are also making trouble?”
“A lot of age, could it be that all the dogs have gone?”
“Get out of here!”
Han Dongmin shouted angrily, and then ignored them, and then hurriedly asked people to take Xu Lin and drive to the hospital. Han Dongmin passed along with him.
A good annual meeting, if such a disorder has occurred, it will no doubt not be able to go on. Everyone also drove away.
However, Qiu Muying and others were still panicked, standing there, but they couldn’t figure it out.
Han Dongmin, why is so angry with their Qiu family?
“Yingying, did you offend Han City?”
“No, grandpa, I haven’t met Han Shi before, so how could I offend him?” Qiu Muying suddenly panicked, covering her face aggrieved.
After that, the Qiu family thought for a long time, and they didn’t figure out why Han Dongmin was furious.
“I guess I was angered by that uselessness?”
“Forget it, I don’t want to worry about it. We also go back quickly and prepare for the ribbon-cutting celebration the day after tomorrow.”
“Today so many bosses have agreed to come, so this celebration of ours must be held ceremoniously to strengthen my Qiu family’s reputation!”
Mr. Qiu said proudly, obviously looking forward to the ribbon-cutting celebration the day after tomorrow.

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