A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 739

At this time, there is only one day left before the opening ceremony tomorrow.
It was supposed to be a happy day, but the employees of Mufan Real Estate couldn’t be happy.
Just because the events of the annual meeting last night were on the news.
Even on the Internet, there are videos related to last night’s annual meeting of entrepreneurs.
The headline reads: “Industry shame! Mufan Real Estate’s boss has a bad morals and pretends to be a big boss and enters the annual meeting of entrepreneurs.”
For a time, Mu Fan Real Estate was pushed to the forefront, and was despised and questioned by those in the industry.
Even a few small companies that had decided to come to the opening ceremony before returned the invitations.
Overnight, the Mufan real estate group betrayed their relatives and was isolated and resisted by the industry.
Qiu Mucheng, the president of Mufan Real Estate, has undoubtedly become a shame for Yunzhou entrepreneurs.
“A small broken company, still pretending to be a big group?” Remember to read the book for one second
“Really shameless?”
“And their boss, who is said to be a hypocritical villain.”
“Will you marry a mess?”
“This kind of unscrupulous person wants to start a company?”
“I can go special!”
“They will open tomorrow, none of us will go.”
“Let them embarrass themselves there~”
Many people in the business circles of Yunzhou City are full of contempt and disdain when they talk about Mufan’s real estate.
As if they had already regarded Mufan real estate as a shame to their Yunzhou enterprises, they were resisted by a group of corporate bosses.
Under this circumstance, the natural people in Mufan’s real estate were panicked. I only feel a heavy haze over this company, which has just been established only a few months ago.
The most important thing for a company is reputation.
Nowadays, the reputation of Mufan Real Estate is already stinking. Therefore, in the eyes of many employees, Mufan Real Estate is not far from bankruptcy.
Many people have begun to find a way for themselves, secretly contacting other companies.
Qiu Mucheng did not go to work today. She was caught in the rain last night and had some cold. Ye Fan insisted on letting her rest at home for a day. Qiu Mucheng also agreed.
Although the opening ceremony tomorrow, Qiu Mucheng worked overtime before and had arranged everything well. Even if he did not go to the company today, it would basically have no effect.
Even if something really happened, Qiu Mucheng could control it remotely and contact her by phone.
“Mucheng, have some fruit?”
“Don’t be so tired today, just take a day off for yourself.”
Ye Fan opened the door and walked in, placing a plate of fruit in front of Qiu Mucheng.
However, Qiu Mucheng shook her head, feeling very depressed.
Just now, her assistant Du Juan called to tell him that today there are seven employees and they have resigned to the personnel department.
Is this still a new enterprise just getting started?
It hasn’t opened yet, it’s going to be closed down.
Thinking of this, Qiu Mucheng’s steadfast heart has undoubtedly begun to waver.
She raised her pretty face and looked at Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, do you think we need to stick to it?”
“At the opening ceremony tomorrow, a quarter of the company’s people will resign today.”
“I’m afraid the entire Yunzhou business community, our Mufan Real Estate, has completely become a joke, right?”
Qiu Mucheng was full of loss.
At the beginning, she was in charge of the overall situation with high morale, and tried to make some achievements for everyone to see.

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