A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 74

At this time, Ye Fan suddenly said to go to the toilet, which had to make Shen Jiuyi think.
He worried that Ye Fan was not satisfied with his arrangement today.
But where did Shen Jiuyi know that Ye Fan really just wanted to go to the toilet.
Shen Fei was also full of doubts, scratching his head, and guessed: “Dad, I think Mr. Chu has forgiven us. He drank all the toasts I had to Mr. Chu before.”
“Then why didn’t you accept the paintings we sent, and even declined to go to the toilet? Is this obviously not wanting to accept it?” Shen Jiuyi’s old face was solemn.
Shen Fei thought for a while, and then whispered: “Dad, it may be that Mr. Chu likes to be low-key and doesn’t want to reveal his identity. You don’t know, when I was toasting with Mr. Chu just now…”
Shen Fei immediately told Shen Jiuyi about Ye Fan’s surname that he was just an ordinary door-to-door son-in-law.
When Shen Jiuyi heard this, his expression suddenly changed: “Damn, you idiot, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“Mr. Chu obviously wants to keep a low profile.”
“It’s broken, no wonder Mr. Chu didn’t accept our paintings just now, and he refused to go to the toilet, obviously because he didn’t want to reveal his identity.”
“You must find a way to remedy it.” The first website m.
Shen Jiuyi was also very anxious at this time, for fear of ruining Ye Fan’s event.
After all, in Shen Jiuyi’s view, the reason why Ye Fan concealed his identity must be a plan. If today’s events broke Mr. Chu’s plan, Shen Jiuyi felt that his nine lives would not be enough to kill.
“Let go of me~”
“Asshole, let me go.”
“You people who are humble and mean, dare to move me?”
“I’m Mr. Chu~”
From the audience, Chu Wenfei’s angry voice came.
At this time, the security guard had already arrived and was prepared to throw Chu Wenfei out according to Shen Jiuyi’s order.
However, Chu Wenfei still screamed, insisting that he is Mr. Chu.
“I can go to Nima!”
“I didn’t wake you up before?”
“Just you, Mr. Chu, are you really worthy?”
“Hurry up!”
The security guard slapped Chu Wenfei and slapped Chu Wenfei honestly. Then he called his colleague to throw Chu Wenfei away.
When Shen Jiuyi saw it, his inspiration flashed and he ran up quickly.
“Mr. Chu, you dare to rush, don’t you want to survive?”
“Don’t hurry up?”
Shen Jiuyi was about to scold away the security guard in a few words.
Then he smiled and helped Chu Wenfei up: “Mr. Chu, misunderstanding, it was all misunderstanding just now. It was Shen Jiuyi who took a look and admitted the wrong person. You are Mr. Chu, you are.”
“Feier, hurry, don’t hesitate to help Mr. Chu to his seat.”
Shen Fei was stunned for a moment, and then also stunned.
I thought my father was really cunning.
“Here, Dad.”
“Hahaha~ Mr. Chu, are you okay, please take a seat.”
The father and son said a word to me, and soon helped Chu Wenfei to his seat.
Seeing that Shen Jiuyi, who was kicking Chu Wenfei just now, was so respectful and respectful now, the Qiu family was stunned again.
“This this….”
“Do you use wool?”
“The son previously admitted the wrong person, can the father admit it?”
Could it be that the ancestors of the Shen family have cataracts?
Chu Wenfei cursed in his heart at this time.
Is this thinking that both the father and son of the Shen family are idiots?
I invited Lao Tzu to dinner, but all admitted the wrong person!
“Okay, don’t apologize pretentiously, just be concrete, and send me that painting. If that’s the case, if you kicked me before, this young master won’t care about you.”
Chu Wenfei was obviously in a bad mood. After all, he just couldn’t pretend to be forced, but Shen Jiuyi kicked a dog to eat shit in public, which undoubtedly made him lose face. How can he be in a good mood?
The only thing that can comfort him now is the ancient painting worth tens of millions.

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