A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 740

But after experiencing so many things, Qiu Mucheng finally understood how difficult it is to do one thing well and run a business well?
“Moreover, because of yesterday’s events, the reputation of Mufan Real Estate has been completely gone.”
“Even if it opens tomorrow as scheduled, in the future, it is estimated that no company, no individual, will cooperate with a company like us that has lost integrity.”
Qiu Mucheng shook her head and sighed. Although everything was Susie’s own opinion last night, it was definitely not Qiu Mucheng’s intention.
But this is not important anymore. What is important is that her properties in Qiu Mucheng and Mu Fan have been completely nailed to the shame of the Yunzhou business community.
Qiu Mucheng estimated that no one would come at the opening ceremony tomorrow.
“Ye Fan, do you think it is necessary for Mufan Real Estate to open?”
Qiu Mucheng was in a depressed mood. When she said this, she was actually ready to give up.
People always have to accept reality, and persevere for no reason, and often end up hitting their heads.
“Of course it is necessary!”
“Why not open?” The first website m.
“Mucheng, you have worked hard for so long, and you are really willing to give up at this time?” Ye Fan said firmly and firmly.
“But our corporate image has…”
“Mucheng, don’t care about other people’s opinions. Time will naturally change everything. At that time, the world will know whether Mufan Real Estate is an honest company. Are you Qiu Mucheng a trustworthy person?”
“Mucheng, if you believe me, the opening ceremony tomorrow will be held as scheduled!”
Ye Fan’s words were low, and only if the stone fell to the ground, it was so sonorous and powerful.
Ye Fan’s words seemed to have special magical powers, Qiu Mucheng’s originally shaken heart had unexpectedly emerged with power.
She looked at Ye Fan and smiled softly: “Okay, Ye Fan, I believe you.”
“Believe it~”
However, as soon as Qiu Mucheng said this, an angry voice came from behind him.
I saw Han Li and Qiulei and his wife walk in from the outside with ugly faces.
Obviously, the couple has already seen the current situation of Mufan Real Estate from the Internet.
“Mucheng, you are really confused, you did that kind of foolish thing last night?”
“You are on the news, do you know?”
“There are reports of your company everywhere on the Internet!”
“Your company is abolished.”
“Completely finished!”
“Listen to Ma’s words, immediately resign and leave.”
“Then Mom will find you a good family to marry and let her husband raise him. We don’t have to be so tired and suffer such insults.”
Han Li persuaded Qiu Mucheng.
“Mom, don’t worry about this matter, I will take care of it myself.”
“Why? You won’t really listen to this useless nonsense, do you still want to hold the opening ceremony?” When Han Li heard Qiu Mucheng’s tone, she immediately stared, and was anxious at the time.
“This foolishness is foolish, so do you follow?”
“Your company is ruined.”
“In this case, are you still holding an opening ceremony?”
“Which other idiot will come?”
“Now that those unscrupulous people in the Qiu family are just waiting to see our jokes?”
“You still hold the opening ceremony, don’t you take your own shame, put your face on it, and take the initiative to get hit?”
“We can’t afford to lose this person!”
Han Li cursed, unceasingly exhorting Qiu Mucheng.
Qiu Mucheng was a little impatient, and then said, “Mom, I know, you should go out first. I want to take a break.”
Qiu Mucheng didn’t want to listen to d94a1fbd Han Li and their nagging anymore, and pushed them all out.
Ye Fan was also afraid of disturbing Qiu Mucheng’s rest, so he took the initiative to leave.
After arriving in the study, Ye Fan answered a call.
“Little lord, do you need me to inform?” An old man’s low voice came over the phone.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “Old Han, no need. Since someone helped us on the news. I guess they will see it too.”
“Well, that’s right. The old slave is right here. I wish the little lord and his wife, Wanbang, to congratulate me, and a good business.” A respectful laugh came from the phone slowly.
Ye Fan smiled without saying a word, just picked up the strong tea at the table, looked up, and drank it!
Outside the window, there was a breeze and murmured, and the sky was high and fresh.

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