A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 741

When Mufan’s real estate was overcast, Qiu’s house was another scene.
There are still dozens of hours before the ribbon-cutting celebration tomorrow, but the Qiu family can no longer contain the excitement and excitement in their hearts.
Mr. Qiu also bought a red carpet and a lot of flowers.
Even the old man asked a band to come over.
How can there be less music on a festive occasion?
More than that, Old Man Qiu personally ordered everyone to put on new clothes, otherwise, they would not be allowed to attend tomorrow’s ribbon-cutting celebration.
It can also be seen that the father attaches great importance to the opening ceremony tomorrow.
After all, if it is done, this is Guangzong Yaozu’s business!
Maybe in the future, his Qiu Zhenglun’s name will leave a strong mark in the history of Yunzhou’s business community.
In the hall.
The grandfather’s several children and grandchildren are here, and Qiu Muying, Qiu Guang and others are reporting on the preparations for the celebration. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Qiu Guang, have you contacted the hotel?”
“There are also the reception ladies and the wine table menu. Can you check them carefully?” Old man Qiu was sitting in distress, and he was refreshed on happy occasions. Today, Mr. Qiu has a radiant face. He sits on a high seat and looks all over his body. The majesty and momentum are much heavier than usual.
Qiu Guang immediately replied, “Dad, it’s all done.”
“Tomorrow, Yulong Hotel has been booked by us.”
“I’ve also read the menu carefully. It’s luxurious and it won’t drop the price for us.”
“Moreover, the ladies of manners are all carefully selected ones, and their image is absolutely top-notch.”
“I’ve got in touch with the band. Come here on time at seven tomorrow.”
“Yeah.” Old man Qiu nodded in satisfaction, then looked at Qiu Muying again, “Yingying, where is your side? Can all invitations be sent out, and the general manager of Hongqi Group has also talked about it?”
Qiu Muying suddenly smiled and said, “Grandpa, I’m doing things, so you can rest assured.”
“I have sent out dozens of invitations.”
“Among them, there are many first-class rich men with a net worth of hundreds of millions.”
“Hongqi Group Vice President Liu Bin has agreed to attend the meeting on behalf of Hongqi Group.”
“Grandpa, you just wait to cut the ribbon with General Manager Liu, and be respected by everyone in b71ea014.”
“At that time, the big men will gather, the celebrities will gather, and the powerful will come to congratulate.”
“Grandpa, after tomorrow, the name of our Qiu family will definitely move Yunzhou, and we will completely rank among the first-class forces in Yunzhou.”
“And your old man Qiu, will also be respected by hundreds of people, and become a great and famous person in Yunzhou City.”
Qiu Muying smiled, and when it comes to tomorrow’s affairs, she is also full of contentment.
You know, at the celebration tomorrow, even though Mr. Qiu will cut the ribbon on stage on behalf of the Qiu family, she will definitely show off in Qiu Muying.
After all, there will be many people tomorrow, all in the name of her husband Chu Wenfei.
Her husband has a great face, and her Qiu Muying also follows the scenery.
“Yeah, Dad.”
“Tomorrow you will always wait for the scenery, right?”
“Such a big show, didn’t you wait for this day for a lifetime?”
“Now, Guangzong Yaozu’s opportunity is coming soon.” Wang Qiaoyu also laughed.
“Furthermore, this is not just a matter of glamour. When those rich and powerful bosses come to congratulate, they will certainly bring a heavy gift. Our Qiu family can also make a fortune.” Jiang Hong and others also agreed, smiling. It doesn’t matter.

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