A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 742

For a time, all the people in the Qiu family looked forward to tomorrow.
Father Qiu seems to have seen the scene of everyone respectfully coming to congratulate tomorrow. An old face almost smiled: “Haha, when it comes to this, our Qiu family should be most grateful to Yingying and Wenfei.”
“If it weren’t for Wenfei’s face-saving and eloquent eloquence, we wouldn’t have so many corporate executives at this ribbon-cutting celebration.”
“This time, if our Qiu family can really revive and step into the circle of Yunzhou’s first-class family, then the biggest heroes will be Yingying and Wenfei.”
“Yeah, we are all the light of Yingying, her fourth aunt, you have a good daughter.”
“We, Yingying, are much better than Qiu Mucheng from the third oldest family.”
“That family is all useless. You see, they are now destitute, they can only rely on lies to maintain their only face.”
“What is it now, self-defeating, right?”
“Qiu Mucheng’s own ruin is not to be said, their company is probably also abandoned!”
“At that time, our house will be full of guests, and they will have no shit people. I guess the third family will definitely be embarrassed, right?”
“Give us an invitation, still want to show off at us?” Remember to read for a second
“A family is useless, they are worthy?”
“Yes, I also heard that they will open tomorrow, and half of the company will leave today. The entire company is empty.”
“Haha, is there anything else?”
“It is estimated that in the future, this Qiu Mucheng and Mufan real estate will become our biggest joke and shame in Yunzhou, right?”
“Fortunately, we swept these scum out, otherwise we are afraid we will be implicated in the Qiu family this time.”
For a time, everyone in the Qiu family laughed wantonly, saying what you said to me. While boasting about Qiu Muying, he did not forget to belittle Qiu Mucheng’s family.
Now Qiu Mucheng and the others are undoubtedly reduced to a laughing stock in the eyes of the Qiu family, and everyone likes to step on it.
Listening to the words of the surrounding uncles, Qiu Mu’s eyes filled with triumph.
“Qiu Mucheng, this is the end of your fight with me!”
“You make me ugly in public, I make you 490b2d38 ruined!”
“How do you look good? What if you are so talented? If you marry a wimp, you are destined to be stepped on my feet for the rest of my life.”
“After tomorrow, you won’t even have the qualifications to become my opponent.”
Qiu Muying smiled, in that smile, it was full of wanton and arrogance.
Yes, the news and videos about Qiu Mucheng and Mufan Real Estate last night were released by Qiu Muying.
Originally, Han Dongmin specifically asked to block all news about the annual meeting last night.
Reporting by on-site reporters is not allowed, and participants are not allowed to release relevant news.
Although I don’t know what Han Dongmin’s intention is, no one disobeys Han Shi’s order.
But Qiu Muying didn’t care about this. This morning, she quietly disclosed the events of last night to a reporter classmate of her own, and also posted the video saved in her phone to the Internet.
The “hypocritical” aspect of Qiu Mucheng was thoroughly exposed to the public, which ruined her and made Mufan Real Estate notorious.
However, it is a pity that she did not take the scene where Ye Fan started beating Xu Lin.
At that time, Qiu Muying was frightened and stupid, thinking that she was going to be killed by Ye Fan, and Liupo was scared of Sanpo, so naturally she didn’t want to take a video.
Otherwise, if the video of Ye Fan’s impact on the annual meeting of entrepreneurs is recorded, and then the navy is invited to bring the rhythm on the Internet, causing public opinion to ferment, she may directly send Ye Fan to prison.

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