A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 743

Just when the Qiu family were preparing for tomorrow’s ribbon-cutting celebration with twelve enthusiasm.
In the Han’s villa, Han Dongmin looked at the full screen of news, undoubtedly extremely angry.
“damn it!”
“What do you do?”
“Didn’t I mean to block everything from last night’s annual meeting?”
“How did these things spread out?”
“Nothing can be done well, what do I want you to do?”
Han Dongmin’s face was blue and angry, and he sweared at the two men in front of him.
These things, he personally asked them last night, so that they must take care of them.
After all, that Qiu Mucheng was Ye Fan’s wife, and Ye Fan was even more of a wife-guarding madman.
If Qiu Mucheng was ruined because of this, Ye Fan was afraid that he would anger Han Dongmin. First URL m.
This annual meeting of entrepreneurs was hosted by Han Dongmin.
Now that this kind of thing has happened, Han Dongmin naturally has to find a way to minimize the impact on Mu Fan’s real estate at the annual meeting.
But Han Dongmin didn’t expect that what he was most worried about still happened.
Once the events of last night were exposed, Qiu Mucheng and Mu Fan Real Estate would not be able to gain a foothold in Yunzhou.
How did Han Dongmin explain to Ye Fan?
“Han City, we all followed your instructions and notified all the participants one by one, and they all agreed not to speak out.”
“We also didn’t expect that someone revealed it to the media reporter.”
In front of Han Dongmin, the two subordinates were also extremely frightened, lowered their heads and explained bitterly.
“Okay, things have happened, and it’s too late to scold you.”
“You two will check with me, who is so courageous and dare to violate my orders?”
After Han Dongmin screened the two people back, he was pacing back and forth in the room alone, thinking about how to explain to Ye Fan.
Although Qiu Mucheng’s embarrassment had little to do with him, it was always in his place, and now it was reported by the media. Han Dongmin estimated that his impression in Ye Fan’s heart was even worse.
When Han Dongmin was depressed, Han Shaojie happened to come to Han Dongmin.
Han Dongmin was worried that no one could solve the depression in his heart. Seeing his son had come, he immediately talked to Han Shaojie about this matter.
“Shaojie, you met Master Ye very early. What do you think now is what a father should do to get a good impression in front of Master Ye? I can’t. I should go to the door again and apologize?” Han Dongmin has offended Ye Fan many times. Now that Ye Fan’s wife is making a fool of herself in her place again, Han Dongmin is naturally anxious.
Ye Fan will be a big man tomorrow, so the relationship should be good.
Han Shaojie thought for a while, and then said, “Dad, crises and opportunities coexist.”
“The current situation may be a bit embarrassing for you, but is it not an opportunity?”
“Huh? What do you say?” Han Dongmin was suddenly puzzled.
“Dad, what do you think. What happened last night, and probably not many people will go to the opening ceremony of Master Ye’s company tomorrow. And at this time, if we were to join us with a gift, what would Master Ye think?”
“This is the love in the snow bc477441!”
“Even if Master Ye is not grateful to us, he will surely have a lot of affection for our Han family.”
Han Shaojie said slowly.
When Han Dongmin heard it, he immediately slapped his thigh, and the painful Han Shaojie called out.
Obviously, Han Dongmin slapped Han Shaojie on the thigh.

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