A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 744

“Son, your idea is great!”
“I’m really a fan of the authorities, why didn’t I expect it?”
“Quickly, there are ten hours left until tomorrow.”
“Even if we don’t do anything in these ten hours, we still have to prepare gifts for Master Ye.”
Han Shaojie’s words made Han Dongmin suddenly open up.
Afterwards, Han Dongmin didn’t delay anymore, and quickly took his son down to prepare.
at the same time.
Li Family Manor, Yunzhou City.
After Li Er finished lunch, he paced slowly in the courtyard. Behind him, Jinbao and Yinbao were on the left and right, reading today’s news to him.
This is Li Er’s habit for many years.
Every time after lunch, I would walk while listening to people telling the news today. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Everyone is responsible for major events in the world.
When a person’s status is higher, he will understand how important the current situation is to personal development.
Sometimes, a trivial sentence in the news hides tens of billions of business opportunities.
“Is pork so expensive?”
“Hey, prices are skyrocketing, and the people who suffer are the poor.”
“Jinbao, you can buy a few thousand catties of pork in a while, then go to my hometown in Xikou and sell it at half price.”
“Did you hear me?”
Wealth never forget the poor and lowly friends, and the body is retired and abandoned.
Although Li Er has become soaring, but he has never forgotten the old friends and fellow villagers.
In his free time, he would go back to his hometown in Xikou every year to visit the blind dates there.
“Yes, second master.” Jin Bao replied respectfully.
After Jin Bao finished reading national events, Yin Bao began to recite Yunzhou local news to Li Er.
However, Li Er frowned when he heard about Mufan’s real estate.
“Mufan Real Estate, isn’t that the business that Mr. Chu asked Xu Lei to buy?”
Li Er still knew about Mu Fan’s real estate, after all, Ye Fan did not deliberately conceal it.
At this time, Yinbao was still reading.
“Mufan Real Estate will hold an opening ceremony on the 11th of this month. To satisfy his vanity, the president of the group…”
“what did you say?”
“Mufan Real Estate is going to hold an opening ceremony?” Yin Bao hadn’t finished reading, but Li Er was not calm, suddenly turned his head and asked Yin Bao.
“Yes, Erye. The above said it was the 11th of this month.” Yinbao replied honestly.
Li Er nodded: “Eleventh, it’s still early.”
“Second Lord, it’s getting late, it’s the 10th today, and it’s tomorrow.” Yinbao reminded.
“Huh? Tomorrow? Isn’t it the number one today?” Li Er almost jumped up in shock.
Only later did he realize that he had mistaken it. Today is Monday, not the first.
Therefore, Li Er no longer calmed down.
“Quick, hurry up.”
“Call Xueqi and Xiaowu to come over and hold a family meeting.” Li Er didn’t care about wandering around here, and the order was issued immediately.
“But Erye, you will have to participate in the company’s board of directors in a while. At this time…”
“Dong, your grandmother is tall! Pushed, you pushed me.”
“Not only today, but all the itineraries for tomorrow, all pushed to me.”
“The big thing is not as important as this one.”
“In addition, tell Xiao Wu and them that if they can’t get to the family council within half an hour, they won’t use it for the rest of their lives.”
Li Er shouted in a deep voice, and then hurried to the family hall in a hurry.
It’s no wonder that Li Er is so anxious, that’s Mufan Real Estate, Mr. Chu’s place.
How dare Li Er neglect such major events as the opening ceremony?

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