A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 747

However, anger returned to anger.
Han Li and Qiulei still went to the company and went to the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate.
After all, it is always a company run by his daughter.
What’s more, they will have to rely on Qiu Mucheng to support them in the future?
If they didn’t even join them when they were parents, then Qiu Mucheng would really betray her.
Therefore, Han Li and Qiulei and his wife bit the bullet, and after all, they arrived at the opening ceremony.
Although it was still 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning, there was already a noise at the company’s door.
Of course, the excitement does not belong to Qiu Mucheng’s company, but to the Qiu family.
Yulong Hotel is just across from Mufan Real Estate Company, less than ten meters apart.
Early in the morning, everyone in the Qiu family had already arrived at the door of the hotel by car.
Outside the hotel, the brand new red carpet has been spread over 100 meters, and there are flowers on both sides. The well-trained hostess, dressed in festive clothes, stood on both sides of the steps just like this, ready to welcome the guests. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Not only that, but there was also a band waiting by the side. The salute car that had arrived early was also parked on the road, and when the celebration began, the music and the cannon were played.
Compared with the huge pomp of the Qiu family, Mufan Real Estate is too crude.
Not to mention the salute and the band. Even the red carpet, Mufan Real Estate only paved the area at the door, not even ten meters away, which is undoubtedly far from the 100-meter red carpet of the Qiu family.
Even more unbearable is that Qiu Mucheng, the boss of Mufan Real Estate, was actually driven by Ye Fan on an electric vehicle.
Because of economic conditions, Qiu Mucheng’s family has never bought a car.
Previously, Mufan Real Estate had equipped Qiu Mucheng with a million-dollar luxury car. However, it was not an accident in Mufan’s real estate approval that caused the company’s funds to be tight. In order to withdraw funds, Qiu Mucheng had to sell the car.
Usually, Qiu Mucheng always travels by bus.
As for today, in order to facilitate travel, Ye Fan and the others are also riding an electric bike.
“Yingying, look at it quickly.”
“Isn’t that Qiu Mucheng? At the opening ceremony, a company boss came here in an electric car?”
“It’s so funny.”
“Poor is poor~”
Seeing Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan arrived, the Qiu family suddenly looked from a distance and laughed heartily.
The eyes looking at Qiu Mucheng and his wife were like idiots.
“Mom, husband, go. Let’s talk to the third sisters and others.”
“Is it always a relative? The last time I got engaged, a family of four people still paid a few hundred yuan for it?”
“Now that I met, I can’t ignore it, right?”
Qiu Muying obviously noticed Qiu Muying at the door of Mu Fan’s real estate, and a sneer smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Then, Qiu Muying’s family walked towards the opposite side unkindly.
“San Jie, I didn’t expect it, you were embarrassed to come over today?”
“You did that shameless thing at the annual meeting last night. I thought you, the boss, just took the blame and resigned?”
A long distance away, Qiu Muying’s wanton sneer was heard immediately.
Qiu Mucheng had no expression on her face, and gave them a cold look: “Why can’t I come over?”
“I am the president of this company, and my company is holding an opening ceremony. As the founder of the company, I should not be there for granted? Why do you outsiders make any comments?”
“Huh? Is Mucheng’s niece really powerful?” When Wang Qiaoyu heard Qiu Mucheng’s words, he immediately smiled, and the disdain in his eyebrows was so vivid, he said sarcastically, “Return to the CEO? Return to the founder of the company?”

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