A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 755

The arrival of Shen Jiuwan made Mufan’s real estate no longer peaceful.
At the entrance of Yulong Hotel, Wang Qiaoyu, Jiang Hong and others from the Qiu family looked at the smiling and respected Shen Jiuwan in front of Qiu Mucheng’s family from a distance, but they were suddenly stunned.
“This…Is this really the second master of the Shen family?”
“Really the vice president of Shen Group?”
“Keep your knees down to the whole family. Is there such a boss?” Jiang Hong looked at from a distance, filled with astonishment, and couldn’t believe his eyes.
“Fake? Isn’t this the actor invited?” Wang Qiaoyu also trembled and said in disbelief.
“This must be the actor Qiu Mucheng they invited.”
“Otherwise, the whole family is useless, and there is a poor country. How could the vice president of the Shen Group congratulate them?”
“Still so respectful?”
For a moment, everyone nodded, all thinking that Shen Jiuwan was an actor invited by Qiu Mucheng. First URL m.
“A scum like Qiu Mucheng, for the sake of vanity, dare to make up and deceive people on occasions like annual meetings. Now, in order to satisfy my vanity, it is not a strange thing to invite a few actors.”
Qiu Muying sneered coldly. She still contempted Qiu Mucheng’s family and looked down upon them. I would not believe that they have the ability to let the vice president of the Shen Group come to congratulate himself.
“But, what about the Rolex gold watch? The actor can ask for it. You can’t ask for hundreds of thousands of watches?” Someone in the crowd questioned.
Wang Qiaoyu snorted: “Oh, fake. A fake watch is only tens of dollars.”
“That’s right.” Everyone nodded, obviously agreeing with what Wang Qiaoyu said.
“Okay, it’s just a drama, everyone don’t care. Hurry up and get seated, ready to have a banquet.” At this time, Qiu Guang greeted everyone to go back to their seats.
However, at this time, in front of the road, a pink Maserati crossed the sky with a deep roar, even if it stopped in front of the hotel.
After a while, the immature voice of the Singer Boy resounded through the world again.
“The daughter of the Li family in Yunzhou, Li Xueqi is here!”
Like a huge boulder like a sea, setting off a monstrous wave.
After the reputation of Yunzhou Li’s family came out, everyone present trembled.
Yunzhou Li’s house?
Li…Li Erye’s family?
Just as everyone was puzzled, a cry of exclamation came from the crowd again.
“Li Xueqi?”
“Could it be Second Ye’s younger sister, Princess Li’s parents, Li Xueqi?”
Princess Lee’s parents?
Qiu Guang’s face smoked.
Chu Wenfei’s body also trembled.
As the saying goes, one wave has not settled, one wave has risen again.
Everyone thought that Li Xueqi in front of him, even if he was from the Li family in Yunzhou, was afraid that it would be an insignificant role.
But Qiu Guang and the others didn’t expect that this time, it was the eldest princess of the Qiu family and Li Erye’s sister, Li Xueqi?
Why is she here?
In an instant, the faces of the Qiu family were all pale.
Qiu Guang, Qiu Luo and others looked at each other, and Chu Wenfei was also terrified.
In quite a few minutes, no one in the house dared to greet him.
“Brother, you…you invited?” Jiang Hong said with a trembling voice.
“What’s the trouble? How is it possible? My Qiu Guang is so powerful, I can’t invite the eldest princess of the Qiu family?” The last time that Shen Jiuwan, Qiu Guang brazenly dared to welcome him, but this one, he really didn’t dare. welcome.
After all, the status gap is too big.
That’s Li Erye’s biological sister.
This class of people is completely an existence that he can’t afford to climb up.

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