A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 758

“Haha, Miss Li, I am so happy and confused as you see it.”
“Quick, please inside, is my husband waiting for you in the hall?”
Qiu Muying took the present, smiled triumphantly, and led Li Xueqi into the hall.
“Quick, Wen Fei.”
“Miss Li came to our house and gave me a necklace worth 600,000 yuan?”
“Come out to meet you soon.”
Qiu Muying yelled loudly while shaking the necklace in her hand.
It seems that for fear that others will not know, the Li family is out for the sake of his family.
Sure enough, after hearing these words, the whole room was shocked again.
“This old fourth is amazing!”
“Can you even invite Princess Li’s parents?” The starting website m.
“Master, your Qiu family, this is a real dragon!”
Many people were surprised and sighed, and their words were full of envy.
“It’s my family who is arrogant and finds a good grandson-in-law for this old man of me.”
The arrival of Li Xueqi undoubtedly wiped out the unhappiness of Old Man Deqiu.
Originally, the old man Qiu wanted to go to meet him in person, but when he thought about it, as the Patriarch of the Qiu family, his posture was naturally higher. No matter how powerful Li Xueqi was, he was only a junior. Why should he meet him personally?
Therefore, the old man Qiu waved his hand and said: “Wen Fei, you go quickly. Miss Li came to congratulate yourself, we can’t be bad manners, you quickly bring Miss Li over.”
“Ha~ OK, grandpa.”
Chu Wenfei was undoubtedly too excited at this time.
He didn’t dare to meet him at first, but he didn’t expect that he was really coming for him?
Is your own father, already so awesome?
Even the Li family in Yunzhou has become involved?
If this is the case, Chu Wenfei is afraid that he will pretend to be big!
So Chu Wenfei laughed, no longer hesitating, in the admiration and envy of everyone, facing the direction Li Xueqi came, he walked over immediately.
That arrogant look is so energetic.
In this way, Chu Wenfei was in full view and immediately stretched out his hand to Li Xueqi.
“Miss Li, hello.”
“It’s just a celebration, I didn’t expect you to come here in person?”
“However, I remember this favor. In the future, my wife and I will go to the house and visit in person.” Chu Wenfei smiled triumphantly, almost squeezing an apple into it with a grin. We are about to shake hands with Li Xueqi.
However, looking at the young man who appeared in front of him who didn’t know where, Li Xueqi couldn’t help frowning and wondering: “You are?”
Li Xueqi’s words stunned everyone.
What’s the situation?
Especially Chu Wenfei himself, his face was black at the time.
Cursed secretly in my heart.
You come to worship me, don’t you know me?
Is there a mistake?
“Miss Li, he is Chu Wenfei. Didn’t you come to him to congratulate him?” Qiu Guang asked in confusion.
“Chu Wenfei?” Lu Xueqi raised her brows, “I don’t know what Chu Wenfei is.”
“I’m here to congratulate Mr. Chu.”
“Isn’t this the site of the opening ceremony held by Mufan Real Estate?”

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