A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 759

Mufan Real Estate?
As if a slap in the face of Qiu Guang and others, the Qiu family was shocked.
When they heard Li Xueqi’s words, their eyes almost stared out.
“Miss Li, did you make a mistake?”
“Mufan Real Estate is just a small broken company. Is it worth your congratulations?” Wang Qiaoyu said in disbelief.
“Yeah, that family is just a mess.”
“The company president even married a door-to-door son-in-law as her husband.”
“Why are these humble and contemptuous people qualified to be congratulated by you?” Jiang Hong and the others are also old-eyed and round stools, unimaginable.
Qiu Guang was also surprised and full, and stepped forward and said, “Ms. Li, are you sure you attended the opening ceremony of Mufan Real Estate, not our Qiushui Logistics ribbon-cutting ceremony?”
Seeing everyone’s unbelievable look, Li Xueqi’s heart immediately began to beat the drums. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
Could it be that she was really wrong?
Finally, she seemed to remember something, and turned to look at Qiu Muying who had just accepted her gift. The fox questioned: “Excuse me, aren’t you Qiu Mucheng, Miss Qiu?”
“of course not!”
“How could I be that useless woman?” Qiu Muying categorically rejected it.
What she despised the most was Qiu Mucheng and his wife. Now when someone asked if it was Qiu Mucheng, Qiu Muying was like a kitten stepped on its tail and directly rejected it.
Upon hearing this, Li Xueqi felt embarrassed.
This is embarrassing.
“Well, I don’t know who Miss Qiu Mucheng Qiu is?” Li Xueqi asked again under the ashamed face.
“Miss Li asked what she was doing? Qiu Mucheng’s family didn’t know how to make progress, was willing to fall, and did such embarrassing things. Now they are facing their poor opening ceremony?” Wang Qiaoyu sneered.
When Lu Xueqi heard it, she was shocked.
I quickly turned my head and looked at the opposite side, only then did I notice that it didn’t rise in front of the opposite door.
The four big characters of the eyes, Mu Fan Real Estate.
“That’s right.”
Li Xueqi smiled awkwardly, then apologized: “Um, sorry, I went to the wrong place. If there is any interruption, please forgive me.”
“Go… wrong place?”
Qiu Guang and others were dumbfounded.
I only feel like being struck by lightning on my face.
What is the situation?
Shen Jiuwan made a mistake just now, now there is another Li Xueqi?
Is there a mistake?
The Qiu family are almost crazy at this time.
Dare to love that they were happy for a long time, is Quante unnecessary?
The Qiu family’s old face twitched and was full of consternation, but after Li Xueqi knew that she had come to the wrong place, she stopped staying and quickly turned and left.
However, before leaving, Li Xueqi naturally wanted to return the necklace.
That was a gift for Madam Chu. Of course Li Xueqi wouldn’t give her the necklace to the woman who didn’t know where.
In fact, Li Xueqi was also a little angry.
I thought that Qiu Muying was also quite shameless. Is this gift for you?
I really thought that anyone could receive a gift from her Li family?
How many jins are you, don’t you know?
However, Li Xueqi just kept these words in her heart. After all, she made a mistake. No wonder someone else asked for the necklace back.
However, what made Li Xueqi speechless was that she just failed to get Xiang Liang back from Qiu Muying’s hands.
“Miss, please let go.” Li Xueqi smiled lightly, still maintaining the minimum demeanor.
“This is my necklace, why should I let go?” However, Qiu Muying didn’t let it go at all.
At that time, Li Xueqi was speechless, and smiled helplessly: “Miss, I bought this necklace with my money. When will it become yours?”

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