A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 760

“But you just gave it to me, and that’s mine.”
Hearing this, Li Xueqi was totally fascinated.
It was angry again, and it was funny.
I thought to myself, why is there such a shameless person in this world?
Fortunately, I admitted the wrong person.
Otherwise, if she is Mr. Chu’s woman, can there be peace in this Jiangdong land?
“Madam, I will repeat it to you again.”
“Is this “Golden Mantang” necklace given to Miss Qiu Muchengqiu, not you?”
“Now, do you understand?”
Li Xueqi suppressed the anger in her heart and repeated again. Remember to read in one second
However, where did Qiu Muying listen to this, no matter what Li Xueqi said, she still clutched the necklace tightly, not letting go.
“Miss, if you don’t give it, don’t blame me for being rude.”
Li Xueqi was also pissed off by Qiu Muying’s shamelessness, and finally she said coldly and directly gave Qiu Muying an ultimatum.
But Qiu Muying still didn’t mean to let go.
In the end, Li Xueqi didn’t bother to be polite with her. She pushed and pulled directly. A beautiful woman not only snatched the necklace back intact, but also threw Qiu Muying directly to the ground in front of everyone.
Li Xueqi is also a martial artist, since she was a child, she has followed many masters to learn martial arts to build physical fitness. In terms of strength, there are few men who can compare with her, not to mention the powerless man in front of her. Miss Jiao is Qiu Muying.
Only now, Li Xueqi is actually quite polite. If this were at home, Li Xueqi would have beaten her all over the floor to find teeth.
“Toast and not eat fine wine, find bitterness since 641e816b!”
“Do you dare to be greedy about Mrs. Chu’s things?”
“You deserve it too?”
Li Xueqi snorted coldly, holding the necklace as if to go angrily, and then walked towards the opposite Mu Fan real estate without looking back.
But Qiu Muying yelled and screamed in pain while lying on the ground.
“It hurts me so much.”
“Asshole, dare to hit me!”
“I declare that she is dead~”
“Wen Fei, you help me teach her, I want her to regret~”
After being so humiliated, Qiu Muying was undoubtedly angry, shouting full of grievance and resentment.
Chu Wenfei’s face turned black at the time.
This bastard actually asked him to teach the eldest princess of the Li family?
Also you announced?
Are you telling a fart?
Don’t want to live anymore? ! !
Angrily, Chu Wenfei walked over and immediately cursed in a low voice: “Shut up, you!”
“Isn’t it shameful enough?”
When Chu Wenfei was angry, the old man Qiu behind looked at him from a distance, but he was full of doubts.
“Wen Fei, what’s the matter?”
“Miss Li didn’t respect this wine, why did she leave so soon?”
“It’s too rude, right?”
Not far away came the sullen voice of Old Man Qiu. Mr. Qiu didn’t hear their conversation just now.
But obviously, Li Xueqi’s behavior made him extremely unhappy.
According to Qiu Zhenglun, he is also the Patriarch of the Qiu Family and the founder of Qiu Shui Logistics. He came to congratulate him, and he didn’t even give him a toast. This is too much of him.
Of course Mr. Qiu was angry.
But Qiu Guang and others twitched at the corners of their eyes, and replied with an ugly expression: “Don’t even think about toasting.”
“They didn’t come to worship you at all?”
“She went for the third child’s family.”
“She went to worship Mufan Real Estate to celebrate the opening ceremony for others.”
The third family?

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