A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 763

Yulong Hotel.
In the hall, the respectful voices of Hua Guoqing and others echoed for a long time.
However, everyone in the Qiu family stayed where they were.
“Mu Fan Real Estate?”
“Both… are all Mufan real estate?”
“This…what is going on here?”
Qiu Guang and the others were filled with consternation, and the guests were full of doubts.
As for Mr. Qiu, his old face is even more ugly.
Before Shen Jiuwan congratulated Mufan Real Estate in their Qiushui Logistics yard, it had already made Old Man Qiu extremely unhappy.
Now, all the guests in the house are all congratulating Mufan Real Estate!
What does this mean? Remember to read in one second
This is naked humiliation!
This is no longer a slap, this is a naked kick.
And it’s still three hundred and eighty degrees continuously kicking the face without any dead ends.
This is kicking the old faces of their Qiu family to death!
In just an instant, Mr. Qiu’s old face was blue and red, almost swollen into pig’s feet.
Qiu Muying and others also looked very ugly at this time.
They were uncertain and hesitated.
Obviously, they are also a little confused now. Did these people in front of them remember their names incorrectly or went to the wrong door?
“They got the wrong name for sure.”
“It is impossible to go to Mufan’s real estate.”
“That family is useless, why has so much face, so many rich and powerful people come to worship?”
“Only my husband has such a face!”
“They must have confused the name of Qiushui Logistics with Mufan Real Estate.”
“Yes, it must be so~”
Qiu Muying was very sure, speaking in a low voice.
Wang Qiaoyu also echoed: “Yingying is right, and those present, Wenfei has this face!”
“Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan are useless, how can they invite President Hua to them?”
After figuring it out, Qiu Muying’s family hurried forward and smiled at the National Day of China. They smiled and said, “General Manager Hua, are you mistaken? We are Qiushui Logistics. What you should congratulate is Qiushui Logistics. Where the real estate is the small and broken enterprise opposite, it cannot be compared with the Qiu family enterprise.”
Wang Qiaoyu’s words were respectful, and he corrected the tycoons before him.
Got it wrong?
When Hua Guoqing and others heard this, they were taken aback.
Obviously, they are also a little confused.
Don’t know what is going on?
“Wait, let me call and ask.”
Out of caution, Hua Guoqing, the chairman of Dongshan Group, hurriedly called and asked.
After a while, an old face of Hua Guoqing turned black, sweating profusely and apologized to the person on the other side of the phone: “Yes, yes, you are scolding, Erye.”
“We are confused.”
“We will pass.”
Soon, Hua Guoqing hung up the phone, and after only a while, cold sweat was already on his forehead.
“Mr. Hua, what’s the matter?”
“What’s the situation?”
Seeing that the phone was hung up on National Day, the Chinese people and others immediately stepped forward and asked.
Hua Guoqing sighed: “Hey, don’t mention it, I made a mistake.”
“I knew it, I must have made a mistake.” Wang Qiaoyu’s face suddenly burst into joy when he heard Hua Guoqing’s words.
“Let me just say, Mr. Hua and they designated it to fly to our house.”
“Everyone here, besides my family Wenfei is Mr. Chu, who else has the surname Chu?”
“As for Qiu Mucheng’s family, her husband is a waste, and Qiu Mucheng is also a scumbag in society.”
“Why are they qualified to let President Hua go to congratulate them~”
Wang Qiaoyu laughed.
When the Qiu family heard this, the stone in their hearts fell to the ground.

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