A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 77

Seeing that Qiu Mucheng agreed, Qiu Mucheng on the side suddenly showed a triumphant smile on her pretty face.
However, Qiu Muying did not intend to let Qiu Mucheng go so easily. After Qiu Mucheng agreed, Qiu Muying still sneered, “Sister, this approval is of great importance and the company urgently needs it.”
“If you can’t get it, our entire company can’t wait for you, right?”
“Don’t worry, I will get it in one month.” Qiu Mucheng hesitated, as if she had made a major determination, she must get the approval within one month.
“One month?”
“If I were to give you a month, we, Qiu Shui Logistics, would have gone bankrupt long ago?” Qiu Muying smiled even more and asked back.
“Sister, you also know that our Qiushui Logistics is currently in a difficult situation both internally and externally. You can wait, but our Qiushui Logistics can’t wait.”
“Then what do you want?” Qiu Mucheng asked coldly.
Qiu Muying sneered, ignoring her, but looking at Father Qiu: “Grandpa, I suggest giving Qiu Mucheng seven days. After seven days, if he can’t get the approval, I think this kind of waste will not It’s necessary to stay in the company.”
“Qiu Muying, don’t go too far. The uncle hasn’t gotten the approval for a year. How can I do it in seven days?” Qiu Mucheng said angrily. First URL m.
“Why, I didn’t promise to get it just now. Why don’t you feel confident now? If you can’t get it, we don’t make it difficult for you. You just leave. Our Qiu family doesn’t raise waste.” Qiu Muying sneered with her hands in her arms. .
Elder Qiu also said aloud: “Mu Ying is right. Now we Qiushui Logistics is troubled internally and externally, and there are not so many things waiting for you. In seven days, the family meeting after seven days, we are here waiting for you. Approval is not available. When you arrive, you don’t have to come back.”
“The Qiu family has given you enough. Now is the time to give back to the Qiu family.”
The old man made the final word, Qiu Mu b18da6dc orange is a thousand bitter and difficult, but it can only be suffered by himself.
Ye Fan saw this scene and felt pained in his heart.
The Qiu family was unkind. It seemed that it was time for Mu Cheng to find another place to go.
A seed was secretly planted in Ye Fan’s heart.
“Qiu Mucheng, wait for you to get out of the Qiu family.”
Qiu Muying smiled triumphantly, her eyes full of ice and cold.
“Mucheng, can you use me to help?” Ye Fan asked softly while looking at Qiu Mucheng with red brows after leaving the old house of Qiu Family.
“no need.”
“I will do it myself.”
“I will do it!”
“I will let those who look down upon me shut up!”
At this moment, there was a firm light in the girl’s eyebrows, and the words were full of stubbornness.
Later, Qiu Muying also returned to the company, and began to prepare how to get this approval plan as soon as possible.
But Ye Fan, looking at Qiu Mucheng’s charming and stubborn back, for a long time, an inexplicable smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.
“Does my wife really look good when she gets serious?”
In the next few days, Qiu Mucheng stayed out early and returned late. During the day, she really went to the door of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to wait, holding an umbrella, against the scorching sun, hoping to meet Director Li who was in charge of this matter. In the evening, Qiu Mucheng leaned in front of the computer, hoping to use the Internet to find out some of Director Li’s preferences.
After all, if you ask someone to do something, you have to do what you like.
In the end, Qiu Mucheng really found out that it was a neighbor of Director Li, who said that this leader liked to eat Yellow River carp.
After getting this, Qiu Mucheng started from then on, and took a special trip to the Yellow River to buy some Yellow River carp, and then continued to wait at the entrance of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.
Seven days later, Qiu’s old house.
“What time is this, Qiu Mucheng hasn’t come yet?” It was agreed at the beginning, and Qiu Mucheng got approval today.
But seeing the sunset and evening, she didn’t see any figure of Qiu Mucheng at all.
“I guess, if Qiu Mucheng didn’t get the approval, she was afraid that Grandpa would blame her, so she didn’t dare to come?” Qiu Muying sneered and laughed.

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