A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 772

Second Austria!
Should I go to Nima?
You are so awesome, why don’t you go to heaven?
Wang Qiaoyu’s face turned black at the time. He looked at Ye Fan like an idiot and cursed directly:
“Are you a brain disabled!?”
“Also the Chen family daughter?”
“Return Prince Lei?”
“Return to the Wang Family?”
“Who do you think you are? Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee? President of a great country?”
“Wu’s father is not as powerful as you.”
“It’s an idiot~” Remember to read a book for one second
“A wimp, still thinking of letting Jiangdong boss send someone to congratulate?”
“You’re a fart!”
Wang Qiaoyu pinched his waist, full of contempt and sarcasm, and screamed angrily at Ye Fan.
She just said nonsense just now, but she didn’t expect that this wastefulness was taken seriously.
Seeing that tone, it seems that you can really invite the crown princes of these leading bosses to worship, right?
The others also looked at Ye Fan like a strange flower, thinking that Qiu Mucheng’s husband was indeed a fool.
At this time, I was still talking gibberish and uttering a lot of words.
This kind of stupid behavior not only couldn’t change anything, but it also made De Qiu Mucheng’s situation even worse.
“Mom, what’s wrong with you?”
“I heard you yelling in the hotel?”
The movement here obviously attracted the attention of many people.
Even Qiu Muying, Jiang Hong and other Qiu family members walked out of the hall upon hearing the sound.
After seeing Wang Qiaoyu yelling at him, he suddenly asked in confusion.
“Yingying, you just came here.”
“Hurry up and worship Young Master Ye.”
“Ye Dashao said that the daughter of Jiang Hai Chen Ao, the son of the fifth master of Jingzhou Lei, and the rich young man of the King of Haozhou, will come to worship soon.”
“If we are late for our prayers, there will probably be no land in a while.”
“I have no chance to worship.”
Seeing his daughter arrived, Wang Qiaoyu pulled herself over and said repeatedly. The mocking tone was like speaking to an idiot.
When Qiu Muying heard this, she also pretended to be surprised, and then sneered:
“I’m going, really?”
“Mucheng, it seems that you married a good husband at 57b07ef0.”
“You have Young Master Ye, why don’t you ask for it in the future?”
“Quick, hurry, let Auntie San quickly steam a few wowotou. The “Chen Qianjin” from the village next door, the “Master Lei” from Leijiatun, and the “Young Master Wang” from Wangjiawa are all here.”
“These are all great people, you and the third aunt must entertain them.”
“Right, enough food?”
“If it’s not enough, we can return all of our leftovers.”
“Wowotou with leftovers is delicious in the world~”
Qiu Muying’s words drew laughter from the audience.
Wang Qiaoyu and Jiang Hong behind have already bent over with a smile.
The passers-by who were onlookers all smiled.
They only felt that the fourth granddaughter of the Qiu family was too able to speak, and her mouth was so poisonous. This was a swear word, and she was swearing a lot, and she didn’t even carry a dirty word.
All of a sudden, Qiu Muying’s family of four became a joke for everyone in the audience.
Ye Fan’s brows were also completely cold at this time.
He looked at Qiu Muying and said coldly: “Are you looking for something?”
“How dare you?”
“who are you?”
“You are Master Ye Da.”
“Shili and eight villages are famous for their richness, and the family has a few acres of fertile land, and they have nothing to eat and drink for their wife to raise.
“Even the secretary’s son and the director’s son can’t see it, how good are you?”
“We are humble, how dare we offend you?” Qiu Muying and others laughed wantonly.
However, just when the Qiu family was full of pride.
Nine days away, only a few loud noises were heard.
Immediately afterwards, at the end of the road, a full dozen luxury cars rolled in like a torrent of steel.
That majestic aura like an abyss, the majesty that the torrent rolls over, is like an envoy who has been seen, and a believer in pilgrimage.
They roared!
They howl!
It is like a general who is a monarch commanding the world and garrisoning Tianhe, rushing from thousands of miles, like the sea of ​​rivers and rivers!
With respect and respect!
Come to wish, Wanbang come to congratulate!

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